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Cooperatives: now, a famously right-wing ex-editor of The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator emerges as an advocate of true sharing in the ownership of companies ...

Joining Pope Francis, the influential, left-leaning author of Postcapitalism, Paul Mason, and the rap emperor Jay Z in proposing cooperatives as the most rational economic structure and best weapon against economic inequality, here is… 616 more words

4th Estate Moves

1590 Campus, Berkeley

This unassuming home at the very end of Campus Drive was designed by Charles Moore’s well-respected local firm Moore, Lyndon, Turnbull, Whitaker. MLTW was famously responsible for the condominiums at Sea Ranch and are often credited along with EHDD (Esherick, Homsey, Dodge, Davis) with the popularization of what is now known as Third Bay Region architecture in the 1960s. 55 more words


Highlights of my Summer Research

The findings of my research focus on my analysis of The Spirit of the Laws in relation to current arguments made by other political scientists. One of the greatest challenges in understanding Montesquieu, is that he makes broad generalizations that seemingly contradict each other, but his examples show the purpose of his statements and indicate that his generalizations are rules that loosely apply to many (if not most) situations. 157 more words

Honors Scholars


ALL MUSICS FOR ALL PEOPLES – Sound Of Detroit – Motor City Rhythms – Carhartt WIP has teamed up with DJ Amir Abdullah (of Kon & Amir) to assist with the creation of a modest Strata clothing collection plus a radio broadcast and a limited edition magazine. 571 more words

Deep Stuff

How do we cope with this hell on earth?

When we read something like John Allen’s grim reminder of what is going on in the Middle East – going on as you read this – we wonder in shame how some of the things which preoccupy us in our media are allowed the time and space given to them. 629 more words

Culture Matters

A Great Mentor-Mentee Relationship

One of the most vital parts about undergraduate research is having a great relationship with one’s mentor. In order to have a great mentor-mentee relationship, both the mentor and the mentee need to be on the same wavelength. 218 more words

Honors Scholars

Connecting my interest in debating to Political Science

Have you ever met someone as stubborn as a rock? So strong of will (bullheaded) that they will argue and argue their point until they’ve won (or rather you’ve simply become annoyed and conceded to let them believe they’ve won). 211 more words

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