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'Cabal, intrigue and corruption'

Charles P. Pierce engages an Airbnb in The Neighborhood of Make-Believe from which he discusses one way in which we might yet be spared the dubious gold-plated presidency of Donald of Orange. 340 more words

Deep Political Thought

Rest day

Looks like I picked a good day to ignore the news in favor of fiddling with the dark corners of GarageBand (yeah, take cover, you might have to endure another podcast before much longer). 161 more words

Bad News


This morning the furnace fired up for the first time this fall.

If this had happened Tuesday evening, I might have considered it an omen. But on Thursday? 357 more words


Just before dark

Here’s a snap from around sundown, taken from the entryway to El Rancho Pendejo. Lots easier to look at than the news lately.

As James Fallows notes… 209 more words

Deep Political Thought

The news just repeats itself

Now and then I miss working in a newsroom. This is not one of those times.

Most days, daily journalism is like any other gig, only more so. 234 more words

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Pants On Fire and Other News

-Ray Lewis is completely full of s*it(17:55 mark)(youtube.com)

-This is how the NFL should do their player introductions(youtube.com)

-The Washington Redskins incompetency extends all the way to their trainers( 31 more words

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