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Just before dark

Here’s a snap from around sundown, taken from the entryway to El Rancho Pendejo. Lots easier to look at than the news lately.

As James Fallows notes… 209 more words

Deep Political Thought

The news just repeats itself

Now and then I miss working in a newsroom. This is not one of those times.

Most days, daily journalism is like any other gig, only more so. 234 more words

Arts & Letters

Pants On Fire and Other News

-Ray Lewis is completely full of s*it(17:55 mark)(youtube.com)

-This is how the NFL should do their player introductions(youtube.com)

-The Washington Redskins incompetency extends all the way to their trainers( 31 more words

Other News

The Myth of United States' Military Altruism

Esquire – Bernie and Monroe Doctrine

I had a conversation with a student last week relevant to this subject. He believes that the United States is the world’s police force and that our 800 military bases around the world are present there, because other world powers are incapable of demonstrating an force against rogue nations. 141 more words

A Blazed Trail Leads to a Dead End

On Friday, while I was looking the other way,┬áthe bean counters at ESPN┬áput a bullet in the head of one of my favorite websites, … 668 more words

Everybody Has One (what I'm Complaining About Now)