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Historical and Hopeful Perspective on Israel/Palestine Situation

This essay appeared on my Facebook wall this morning.  Historically-informed and tightly argued, I would have considered it worth sharing widely–even if it wasn’t written by my son Nathan.  1,037 more words


Thousands of cicadas take over local neighborhood

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The buzzing and ringing of thousands of cicadas filled one Raleigh-Millington neighborhood Thursday.

“It’s definitely deafening, “Lynn Johnston said.

She told WREG the sound the creatures made was like nothing else. 132 more words


Movie Quote of the Day - Pariah, 2011 (dir. Dee Rees)

Arthur: You tell your mother that’s not true.
Alike: You already know.
Arthur: No, I don’t know. You tell your mom it’s just a phase.

22 more words
Movie Quote Of The Day

Nommo (Doctor Mist)

Time for the last character appeared this week in Constantine, another unexpected one. In A Feast of Friends, when John Constantine wants to identify the demon he’s after, he asks a friend for help: the friend is a… 844 more words


Recap: The Last Ship, “No Place Like Home”

The Last Ship promised a shocking season finale, and let me tell you, it delivered. Not only did we get see plenty of action and a new set of villains, but we also saw a bit more character development. 664 more words


Recap: The Last Ship "Trials"

There’s a cure! Of all the things that happen on this episode— Cossetti’s funeral, the vaccine trial, news of a pregnancy— the moment when Dr. Scott tells Captain Chandler the good news is by far the most significant. 190 more words


Transformers: Age of Extinction

Generic daughter and her generic upstart love interest were meh; Marky Mark: I expect better from you; Frasier & Semi-Evil Steve Jobs Character: you did the best with what you were dealt; John Goodman and Ken Watanabe were the only robots who showed much personality; TJ Miller needed to return and continue being the only interesting human and Li Bingbing kicked much ass and stuck out like a jewel twinkling gloriously in a vast, unlit and empty chasm. 24 more words