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Weekly Story: He Discovered Money

Weekly Story

A recent immigrant to America makes his fortune.

Such is their faith in this little Italian. Polacks, Jews, Swedes, the Irish, every one invests, but the Italians themselves are their leader’s most valiant defenders. 4,893 more words

Weekly Story

The great Indian govt Ponzi scheme is here to stay


Vivek Kaul

In the budget speech that he gave in July 2014, while presenting his first budget, the finance minister Arun Jaitley had said: “My Road map for fiscal consolidation is a fiscal deficit of 3.6 per cent for 2015-16 and 3 per cent for 2016-17.” Fiscal deficit is the difference between what a government earns and what it spends. 1,008 more words


March 3 in history

473 – Gundobad (nephew of Ricimer) nominated Glycerius as emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

1284 The Statute of Rhuddlan incorporated the Principality of Wales into England. 892 more words


Book Review Thursday: Dreamers and Deceivers

I am a fan of Glenn Beck’s books and his innovative ideas.  The man is a born storyteller.  This book is billed as a work of nonfiction, but with a twist of sorts.  253 more words

Book Review Thursday

greater fool

The second real estate market bubble of the twenty-first century percolated up soon after the bubble collapse of 2006.

Neither bubble was inflated by the mythical market forces of supply and demand. 1,068 more words


ponzi nation

I’m reading about mass behavior with an eye toward understanding modern real estate bubbles. Having had my family shut out of the housing market by… 774 more words


Bitcoin Trader Goes Belly-Up

By Eric Calouro

Yet another bitcoin company has gone belly-up. This time we’re talking about Bitcoin Trader, a service that billed itself as a means for users to earn passive bitcoin income online (via arbitrage). 430 more words