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Ponzi Redux

“What we mostly learn from history is that people are unable to learn from history.”

Warren Buffett

Back in the 1920s, Carlo (Charles) Ponzi got an entire class of financial fraud named after him, when he convinced greedy investors that he had a mechanism to double their money in a short period by buying international postal coupons at a discount and redeeming them at face value. 293 more words


How Much Do You Know About Charles Ponzi And His Scheme?

It’s a Ponzi scheme! It’s a Ponzi scheme! Who exactly was Charles Ponzi and what was this infamous scheme of his that has inspired so many others? I wrote about it HERE.

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Hallmark of a Ponzi Scheme

Typically, extraordinary returns are promised on the original investment[6] and vague verbal constructions such as “hedge futures trading“, “high-yield investment programs… 386 more words

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473 – Gundobad (nephew of Ricimer) nominated Glycerius as emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

1284 The Statute of Rhuddlan incorporated the Principality of Wales into England. 898 more words