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Rainy Day Outfit | November 17

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but last week was so gloomy and rainy I could barely stand it! Rain is great for days when you can lay in bed Netflixing and napping, but for a busy college girl, rain equals less motivation to get everything done for the day! 78 more words


I think I'm in Love...

This whole week was pretty solid in terms of workouts, but Saturday’s run was my FAVORITE.

Probably because I finally got to run with my favorite running partner again! 450 more words


OUC Half Training – W10D68 – Distance 5 Miles

It amazes me how people here act like runners don’t exist. It happens at work, but I didn’t expect it to happen when I am barreling down a hill at over seven miles per hour. 374 more words


OUC Half Training – W10D67 – Distance 5 Miles

Another cold morning, but only two more days until I am back in Florida! Running in the cold never gets easier.  The wind cut right through my running clothes and my face froze from not being covered. 145 more words


Something different - fall foliage

Before all the leaves all fell, I took photos along the Charles River where I ride my road bike in Wellesley and Dover, Massachusetts.



The colors were amazing, but it was even more amazing to see the heron, before it flew, and then more turtles on one log than all the turtles I have seen this century, before they quickly dispersed

Hope you enjoy!



OUC Half Training – W10D66 – Distance 7 Miles

I couldn’t believe how cold it was when I looked at the temperature on my phone this morning, and I had to double check it. Unfortunately, it was indeed 34 degrees outside. 339 more words