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Here in Boston, where the Charles River empties into the harbor, are these two bridges. I liked the juxtaposition of the angular old counterweighted one with the soaring grace of the much newer suspension span.  50 more words


Monday: Exactly one hour

Well, vacation is over.  This morning at 5:15, my alarm went off.  The alarm was loud enough to wake up my wife, but not me, so she nudged me awake.   722 more words

Training Journal

Saturday: L2 Waterfall 1x

Friday:  We came back from the Cape Thursday evening.  Friday, I had an appointment with the eye doctor, and I had a lot of running around to do to take care of some car maintenance.   411 more words

Training Journal

Boston Independence Day Fireworks 2017

I’d never been to see fireworks on the Esplanade, so this year on the 4th of July some friends and I went to watch them. The fireworks were pretty, but something about the whole situation felt ominous. 44 more words


Wednesday: 8 x 2' / 2' 1x

A beautiful morning.  Sunny, warm, dry, hardly any wind.


  • Long warmup to re-acclimate to higher stroke rates
  • 8 x 2′ / 2′ rest
  • Stroke rate target: 26 (head race rate)
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Training Journal

Tuesday: 80' L4 1x

It was so nice getting back in my fluid that I stayed out extra long.  I did over 18km in the session including warmup and cool down. 195 more words

Training Journal

Love That Dirty Water

When I first set foot on the algae slimed, goose-poop covered banks of the Charles River in the summer of 1983, it was love at first sight. 262 more words