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Writing Lessons from Snoopy

As writers, I think we could learn a lot from Snoopy.

Here’s this dog — created by Charles Schulz for his famous comic Peanuts — who finds a typewriter and just goes to town with his imagination. 190 more words


I Contain Multitudes

Here’s a brief illustration of the staggering randomness of contemporary culture, one which should refute the glib summaries often made of particular times, places, or populations.  400 more words


Charles Schulz says:

“If I were given the
opportunity to present
a gift to the
next generation,
it would be the ability
for each individual
to learn to laugh
at himself.”

Wondering Wednesdays - on not being Joe Cool

I bought a pair of Vans shoes today, given the shop I bought them in I assume that it is a fashionable brand but I have no idea. 220 more words

Conference and Conversation with Rheta Grimsley Johnson

Two of the intangibles I’ve gained since becoming a college student in my thirties are confidence and perspective; I’m not sure that would’ve happened had I continued with my original plan–get my degree in Health Information Technology and be done with it. 711 more words

Peanuts - A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz (Book Review)

Peanuts – A Tribute to Charles M. Schultz – Over 40 Artists Celebrate the Work of Charles M. Schultz. 

EricReports Highest Recommendation.

This is not just another Peanuts book.  102 more words

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