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SPN 10.21: "Dark Dynasty" Review

When I reviewed “Paint It Black” the previous offering from writing Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Lemming, I said it was the most boring episode of… 725 more words

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SPN 10.18: "Book of the Damned" Review

“Book of the Damned” was season ten’s second episode starring writer Robbie Thompson’s inimitable Charlie Bradbury. Not only is Charlie smarter than Sam and as brave as Dean, she’s a crack shot,  fights like a ninja, sews up her own gunshot wounds, and “friends” like a pro. 680 more words

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SPN10.11: "There's No Place Like Home" Review

Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson brought back his favorite girl genius in “There’s No Place Like Home” this week, and from my perspective at least, it benefited from a lack of angel, demons, and multiple storylines. 2,188 more words

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Why yes, I am still thinking about Charlie Bradbury

*Contains Supernatural season 10 spoilers*

Last weekend I experienced major nerd rage and responded by spewing some thoughts over an unsuspecting internet. This blog post… 710 more words


Peace out, bitches

I started watching Supernatural about a year ago and I’m just about to begin season 11. In all this time, it’s never occurred to me to write about it. 855 more words


Supernatural Hellatus Relief, Part 19

Here is Part 1, if you’re just finding this story. Here is the previous chapter.


Sam and Dean, having said yes to Lucifer and Michael, begin to come to terms with their choices. 6,410 more words


You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)--Felicia Day

I feel like I read a bunch of books all in a row that made me feel better as a human being. That made me want to TRY harder as a human being. 260 more words