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Best 'Black Mirror' Episodes: Men Against Fire Ending Explained

As with the start of every Black Mirror episode, you always know that Charlie Brooker is up to something. With the start of season 3 episode 5 featuring soldiers taking out ‘monsters’ in ramshackled farmhouses, it was probably the most suspicious I have ever been at the start of a… 699 more words

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"In my head I'm reviewing the news as though it's just another entertainment show...

… and I’m a viewer being appalled at this grotesque soap opera I’m watching”

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So That's Where He Got the Title ....

There have been numerous speculations as to where and why creator Charlie Brooker named his dystopian TV series BLACK MIRROR. Obviously the speculators are not Neil Gaiman readers and/or have never seen the SANDMAN graphic novels written by Mr. 105 more words

What's Up With All The Porn In 'Black Mirror'?

There’s a lot of sex in Black Mirror, which probably shouldn’t be that surprising considering that as a society, we seem to be obsessed with the act of mushing things together. 1,849 more words


How is Retributive Justice Explored in 'Black Mirror'?

It’s no secret that Black Mirror is all about highlighting the sombre, more disturbing aspects of our society. This satirical series, written by everyone’s favourite cynic Charlie Brooker, touches upon themes that we might prefer to ignore; but Black Mirror makes them impossible to ignore, waving them in our faces and leading us to having an existential crisis by the end of each episode. 1,592 more words


10 Netflix titles you need to watch this Valentine’s Day

If you’ve already seen La La Land, and Fifty Shades Darker’s questionable relationship leaves you feeling more troubled than turned-on, then you’re probably going to look to the small screen for your Valentine’s Day-themed viewing this year. 971 more words