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The Twilight it's OK to like

From 1959 to 1964, Rod Serling hosted half-hour tales that melded sci-fi, mystery and morality tales, usually with a twist. It would prove to be some of the most creative and influential television ever made. 610 more words


Accidente de carretera: "Nightcrawler"

No deja de sorprender, cuando uno acude a ver cine comercial norteamericano con regularidad, comprobar que aún existe la posibilidad de creer haber visto una buena película.  2,064 more words

Charlie Brooker

In Praise Of Prof Brian Cox’s Hairdo

Science, eh? It’s all around us all the time doing sciencey stuff, such as like when you breathe, when you blow your nose, and when you boil a kettle for your tea. 304 more words


TV Show #3 - Black Mirror

Title: Black Mirror
Original run: 2011-2014
Seasons: 3
Creator: Charlie Brooker

Comment: Considering every episode is his own short story, it’s kind of hard to list actors, plots, etc. 216 more words


All of Black Mirror Happens in the Same Universe - Over-baked Fan Theory of the Month

It should go without saying but, dudes, spoilers below.

Putting all Black Mirror episodes into the same universe is fairly easy.

Of course, it’s not explicit like in the more recent films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe where they’re building a continuity and a whole story, it’s still just flashes and odd references. 1,904 more words

Tracking Black Mirror's Thematic Similarities

Kevin Cole

The BBC’s Black Mirror is said to be a modern-day Twilight Zone. The show’s creator, Charlie Brooker, describes it as such: “Each episode has a different cast, a different setting, even a different reality. 1,164 more words


SHEDNOTES 73: The Nathan Barley effect

The Shed is always up for an attack on metropolitan trendiness and therefore enjoyed Andrew Harrison’s in the Guardian of 10.2.15, under the heading Totally Mexico! 236 more words

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