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Review: Black Mirror

Whenever someone asks for suggestions of TV-shows, my answer is always Black Mirror. It is intelligent, thought-provoking and it addresses modern anxieties such as the relationship between humans and technology, the social media phenomenon, the evolution of ethics, individualism and selfishness… 587 more words


Charlie Brooker has 'ideas in mind' for sequels to Black Mirror episodes

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, creators of dystopian drama series Black Mirror, have teased an idea to revisit some of the show’s best episodes.

Black Mirror looks at unconnected, fictional stories about a dystopian world intrinsically linked by technology, with the name Black Mirror referring to a smart device or television screen when it is switched off. 408 more words


'Black Mirror' Creators Talk Season 4 and Possible Episode Sequels

The creators of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, sat down to talk on Variety’s podcast Remote Controlled, about the inspiration for Black Mirror and its upcoming season. 498 more words


Why I Blog

The people around me quite often tell me that they couldn’t do what I do; that they couldn’t just sit down at any given point in time and write something. 1,152 more words


"Nosedive" - Black Mirror Episode Teleplay Analysis

For my first screenplay analysis, I’ll be breaking down the episode “Nosedive” from the third season of the Netflix show Black Mirror, teleplay by Michael Schur and Rashida Jones, based on a story by Charlie Brooker… 1,862 more words


The Wisdom of Fighting Zombies

Q: What’s the difference between Charlie Brooker and a Buddhist nun? A: Not much, it turns out.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Charlie Brooker… 1,120 more words


Black Mirror (Season 2)

This second season of Black Mirror has a galaxy of interesting ideas, but somehow does less well on the follow-through.

The second season follows the first in taking boilerplate speculative what-if? 653 more words

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