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6 Series Worth Watching on Netflix

How many of us have sat their wondering what to watch, the numerous choices drowning us. The Netflix home page taunts you with all these interesting things but you don’t know which one to pick. 474 more words


The Establishment 

You smell. No seriously like really bad. You know what you smell of huh? Ignorance. A disgusting miasma of ignorance. ‘Ignorant to what?’ I hear you cry, you’re living in an undemocratic state my friend; it’s the Third Reich all over again. 365 more words


The Unconscionable Prescience of 1984 and Nathan Barley

A few weeks ago I saw a student production of 1984, adapted for the stage by Matthew Dunster. The directors rather savvily affected a a sparse aesthetic with echoes of a retro, half-remembered England somewhere between World War II and the 1980s; tube televisions are stacked on top of each other, displaying disjointed and grainy but recognisable images of war (Iwo Jima sticks in my head). 1,140 more words


Black Mirror: White Christmas

I’ve already expressed my adoration for Charlie Brooker’s cautionary tales for the modern age, in previous articles. The Black Mirror Christmas special was one of my favourites. 729 more words

So, Tinder was a thing back in 1997

Remember when Tinder was launched in September 2012, and we were all blown away by how crazy and futuristic it was?

Well, it turns out the idea of using a single picture to judge someone had already been catapulted into the universe – 15 years before. 166 more words


The Twilight it's OK to like

From 1959 to 1964, Rod Serling hosted half-hour tales that melded sci-fi, mystery and morality tales, usually with a twist. It would prove to be some of the most creative and influential television ever made. 610 more words