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June Film & TV: Jack

We flew Virgin Atlantic to Florida, which meant two things: all you can eat pretzels and all you can watch Films and TV. Making an 8 hour flight bearable without the use of prescription medication is tricky but those two benefits helped helped a lot. 401 more words

Opinion Post

"Hardworking Taxpayers, Inconvenienced!"

“Hardworking Taxpayers, Inconvenienced!” (2015, A4, ink on paper)


Looking Into the Black Mirror

The British have a long history of amazing satire. If you have spent any time living there and watching what their television programming schedules have to offer, you will know that different stations compete to host the most funny, satirical, ironic and irreverent shows. 702 more words


Charlie Brooker just proved the election campaign has been absolutely ridiculous

If there’s one thing we took away from Charlie Brooker’s Election Wipe this evening, it’s that this election campaign has been absolutely ridiculous.

On the eve of the General Election, Mr Brooker deftly and snarkily picked apart every political fail that has befallen the political parties in the run-up to 7 May from mumbled lines to faux-pas to just failing not to look like weirdos. 234 more words


TV Pick of the Day - Wednesday 6 May

TV reviewer Zoe Butcher bows down before a master of snark for tonight’s pick… 115 more words


6 Series Worth Watching on Netflix

How many of us have sat their wondering what to watch, the numerous choices drowning us. The Netflix home page taunts you with all these interesting things but you don’t know which one to pick. 474 more words