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Black Mirror: The National Anthem (Part 2)

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The storyline is quite simple but still able to spark numerous thought provoking ideas. Princess Susannah is kidnapped and only promised freedom on the condition that “the Prime Minister must appear on live television…and have full, unsimulated sexual intercourse with a pig”. 482 more words

Black Mirror

What's Up With All The Porn In 'Black Mirror'?

There’s a lot of sex in Black Mirror, which probably shouldn’t be that surprising considering that as a society, we seem to be obsessed with the act of mushing things together. 1,849 more words


How is Retributive Justice Explored in 'Black Mirror'?

It’s no secret that Black Mirror is all about highlighting the sombre, more disturbing aspects of our society. This satirical series, written by everyone’s favourite cynic Charlie Brooker, touches upon themes that we might prefer to ignore; but Black Mirror makes them impossible to ignore, waving them in our faces and leading us to having an existential crisis by the end of each episode. 1,592 more words


10 Netflix titles you need to watch this Valentine’s Day

If you’ve already seen La La Land, and Fifty Shades Darker’s questionable relationship leaves you feeling more troubled than turned-on, then you’re probably going to look to the small screen for your Valentine’s Day-themed viewing this year. 971 more words


Most Underrated and Overrated Episodes of "Black Mirror"

Netflix’s production of the third season of the British series “Black Mirror” has been met with much critical success and it’s wealthy share of viewer obsession. 1,169 more words

3 TV Series yang Berhasil Membuat Saya Terlambat Masuk Kantor

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Konten pertama blog ini akan saya isi dengan bahasan soal tontonan yang sedang saya ikuti saat ini. Isinya kurang lebih tentang macam-macam karya audio visual yang saya pikir pantas untuk dibagi dengan orang-orang banyak. 895 more words


Anthology – Bonus Ep 13 – Hated in the Nation (Black Mirror S03E06)


In this bonus episode, Matt reviews episode 6 from Black Mirror’s third season: Hated in the Nation… 157 more words

Anthology Podcast