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Photos of Charlie Brooker and Wife Konnie Huq’s Secret Wedding in LA Ceremony

The English Humorist, Charlie Brooker was formerly known as “Charlton Brooker” who married the British Television Presenter Konnie Huq, originally known as ” Kanak Asha ” on 26th of July 2010. 38 more words

the making of me

 These twins realize they look alike, but then Alexis has a meltdown upon learning that Ava is one minute older. Ava in turn has her own meltdown when she discovers Alexis is taller!

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Reflection And Cogitation

In Praise of Philomena Cunk - Making Stupidity Funny Again

The lovely Diane Morgan of Bolton, Greater Manchester has made a name for herself in recent years thanks to her character Philomena Cunk. This individual is a lovable moron who appears on Charlie Brooker’s satirical Weekly Wipe TV series, although recently she’s also branched out into Professor Brian Cox styled science shows where she bumbles about getting confused by everything. 464 more words


Black Mirror: Nosedive

There is a difference between appreciating a work of art and liking it. It’s a hard one for many of us; made harder still by a cultural tendency to reduce all value judgments to expressions of preference, or opinion.  2,141 more words

Black Mirror: Listing the Five Best Episodes

Admittedly, I was slow to get on the Black Mirror bandwagon. After receiving recommendations from several students, I finally started binging the British show this past February. 772 more words

The Chopping Block - Film Lists

Cunk on Britain coming soon

Cunk on Britain will begin Tuesday 3rd April on BBC Two.

In the new five-part series, Philomena Cunk (aka Diane Morgan) will be taking us on a journey through the history of Britain. 83 more words


"Coleslaw Epiphany" 21 March 2018

Programmes watched:

Black Mirror: 15 Million Merits
Brrrr. More terrifying near-future tales from Charlie Brooker, co-written this week with wife Konnie Huq. It’s an arresting story; I don’t think it was ever really established as to where this episode is taking place (a space station? 330 more words