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EastEnders' Janine Butcher wasn't asked to return for 30th anniversary, but will she be making a comeback soon?

Janine Butcher is one of our favourite soap bitches ever, and we were a bit surprised that she didn’t pop up in EastEnders’ 30th anniversary special. 294 more words


Where Memory Lane and Rejection Road Meet

My house has too much stuff in it. I’ve been going through my possessions and deciding what needs to go. Finally, I came across my Big Box o’ Rejections: 817 more words

Charlie Brooks

Family Reunion

Published in Suspense Magazine.

He walked into the prison wearing someone else’s face. The person people thought they saw actually lay bound and unconscious on his living room floor, unaware of what the impostor had planned. 4,941 more words

Charlie Brooks

Bestiary: Deep Huntsman

This gaunt, human-like creature has beady red eyes and a wolf-like snout. Its unnaturally wide mouth seems stuck in a perpetual grin, showcasing its long canine teeth. 512 more words

Role-Playing Games

First Base

Published in The Avalon Literary Review and The Binnacle.

“You never slide into first base,” said Jim. My boss had been kind enough to drive me to the emergency room, missing the rest of our game so I could get my stitches. 1,079 more words

Charlie Brooks


Based on the character from Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro.

The King of the Forest, Totoro is a massive spirit of nature. Totoro is tied to nature and the world that cannot be seen by adults, and rules over the other spirits and sprites of rural Japan. 457 more words

Role-Playing Games

Fallen Hero

Originally published in The Lyndon Review.

He walks across the baseball field where we like to hang out. His left hand swings casually at his side, but his right fist lies hidden in the deep pockets of his navy blue corduroys. 752 more words

Charlie Brooks