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Labour leader Farao honoured with Charles E. Brooks award

Theresa Farao, who won the Charles E. Brooks Labour Community Service Award on Friday night, says the prize inspires her to do even more in the community. 169 more words

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7 Tips for When You've Just Given Up At Bedtime

Being a parent often means gaining an estranged relationship with that lovely thing known as a good night’s sleep. Some parents are lucky enough to have kids who sleep the whole night through right from the get-go. 19 more words

Charlie Brooks

Dancing Half-Fiends and the Glory of Infinite Choices

Easily my favorite part of tabletop RPGs is the fact that they have so much latitude and room for player agency. No matter how robust a computer game is, there are always a finite number of choices. 35 more words

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A Look at Pathfinder Comics: Issue #9

Even with more than 1,500 monsters in the various Pathfinder bestiaries, there’s still no monster more iconic than a dragon. So it was only a matter of time until the… 37 more words

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TV's Best Female Villains

There are a lot of ingredients that make good TV and a scheming bitch is definitely top of my list. We have never had so much viewing choice with Netflix’s increasing popularity, people streaming US shows and more TV channels being added by the week. 301 more words


Batman versus the Blues Brothers: What Makes a Good Sequel?

Conquest of Greystone Valley will be coming out midway through 2016, and will be my first published sequel novel. In writing it, I spent a lot of time thinking about what makes a good sequel. 981 more words

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5 Things I Learned as a New Hockey Dad

Hockey season has begun, and our son has taken to the ice for the first time. By default, he’s already better on skates than I am, since he’s able to move about ten feet before falling down. 80 more words

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