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The Peanuts Movie - new stills

I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m looking forward to the new Peanuts Movie. So I’m always excited when new details about the film emerge.

This time, it’s a series of new stills from the film featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Linus and more. 14 more words


5 Jazz Albums Worth Listening To Vol. 1

Jazz. When people hear the word jazz, some opinion or another comes to mind. Some people are old enough to have enjoyed jazz in the heyday of some of the genre’s greatest artists, some enjoy the genre today, some think it’s a dead genre, and some believe the only ones listening to it today are pretentious people on vinyl record players. 777 more words


Comedy Has Come A Long Way

Funny is funny right? Well, funny is not always funny to everyone and what is funny back then is often not funny now. I would love to say that my favorite kind of comedy is one that everyone is ok with and allows everyone to laugh but it is not. 508 more words


Which is full of love for Roger

Alas, my jury duty illness is still going strong, so I spent the majority of today convalescing at home with cat, blanket, and television.

Some of the things I did today, for anyone in desperate need of knowing: 401 more words


Peanuts Jingle Bells

From Christmas Place

This is an incredibly cute set of jingle bell necklaces designed around theĀ Peanuts comic strip characters featuring Charlie Brown (a), Lucy (b), Linus (c) and Snoopy (d.) 6 more words

July 2nd, Year Three

We both liked peanut butter, Rick and me, who are nothing like Anne and me. Yes, I understand I have sung this song before, but my voice has improved. 207 more words