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Detox Diary - No man's land

It’s 5am and I’m trapped in no man’s land. It’s spikey, uninviting and painful.  My very essence has been torn to shreds like a Siamese twin sliced apart from its soulmate. 200 more words

Artist Highlight: Charles M. Schulz, Part 2

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Personal Experiences

Readers and viewers could identify many vital experiences, whether related to his childhood or inspired from his children or his life as an adult, that were highly influential in the life of Schulz and his work. 1,295 more words


Mar 16 A Savior who is Christ the Lord

O Father, I love this passage in Luke. It has become one of the best known passages of Your Word that tells the gospel, the good news, the coming of our Savior!   264 more words

Daily Bible Prayer

Silence and Patience


297 There is no genuine action or major decision except in the silence of the prayer that precedes them.

298 Today the danger lies in the unbridled activism of the modern world. 154 more words


One of Our Walks

We were on one of our walks, Alex

you and me.

I was 19 and you were 7

and neither of us quite belonged.

You were my foster brother and the full adoption… 96 more words