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Horrible Bosses 2, too funny

Yesterday I saw the movie Horrible Bosses 2. I had no idea there was a second part to this movie. I loved Horrible Bosses 1… 204 more words

The Bigger They Come Part 4 (Pacific Rim, 2013)

Guermillo Del Toro is a man of unique vision.  He always has his own take on traditional monsters.  In Cronos, he tackled vampires in a heartbreaking tale of a grandfather who finds a mysterious device.  262 more words

Action Movies

Fist Fight

I hated this film.

There are things in Fist Fight which are so horrendously misplaced it’s unbelieveable. Just the thought that someone believed homophobia, sexism,  making light of sexual abuse and paedophilia were funny is sickening. 160 more words


Movie Review – Fist Fight

TL;DR – Somewhere deep down in the heart of this film there is a good message, we need to value our teachers more, unfortunately, that message is drowned out with some really problematic script choices. 1,348 more words


Fist Fight: Improv is no excuse for tastelessness

I think the actors in this joint were afraid of the grown up swears. Like, when filming nobody was too sure whether they were aiming for the PG13 or the R rating. 939 more words


Fist Fight (2017). Film review: 2/5 for this OTT movie about a school punch-up

Film review by Jason Day of Fist Fight starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day as two warring teachers squaring up for a schoolyard fight.

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