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Examining the layers of Synecdoche, New York.

Yesterday, I watched Charlie Kaufman’s mind-muddling movie,  Synecdoche, New York, and there is so much to talk about.

The film follows the character of Caden, a weary theatre director struggling to make his fortunes in the big city, and the many misfortunes of his life as he ages. 1,213 more words

Kaufman's Puppet Show: Alienation in Anomalisa

Spoiler warning: Our In Focus series continues with Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa (2015)

IT can be a daunting prospect to sit down and watch a Charlie Kaufman film. 942 more words


Episode 5: Cerita

Hidup adalah cerita, dan blog ini tidak boleh lebih lama lagi terbengkalai atau ia bakal lenyap selamanya. Akan tetapi, meski aku tahu aku adalah bagian dari cerita kehidupan ini, di hadapan diri sendiri aku tidak bisa bercerita. 259 more words

Belajar Fokus

Adaptation. Review

Ah Kaufman, you’ve done it again.

Adaptation. (2002) is a dramedy sorta/kinda/not really based on the book The Orchid Thief, directed by Spike Jonze and written by Charlie Kaufman. 515 more words


My Favourite Live Action Films

Those of you that read this blog regularly or those of you that know me in person know that animation is my main interest, however I am a film student and I like to think that I watch a lot of films so I decided to write about my favourite live action films, so you know that I don’t only watch animated films. 2,790 more words


Today I Watched: Being John Malkovich (Spike Jonze, 1999)

Being John Malkovich (dir. Spike Jonze, 1999)

Provisional score: 8+ to 8½ out of 10.


Visually Stunning Animated Films: A List

I have a number of different blog post ideas but unexpectedly this was one that a few people preferred for me to do! So I’m going to make a list in no particular order of animated films that I think are visually stunning, each in their own individual ways. 1,495 more words