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Synecdoche, New York review

Childlike singing. A clock. A radio interview, “why do so many people write about the fall”… “Well I think it is seen as the beginning of the end; in the years of life… then September, the beginning of fall is when the bloom is off the rose and things start to die. 587 more words


Anne Hathaway to star in "Godzilla meets Being John Malkovich" film, Colossal

If Gareth Edwards’ reboot of Godzilla last year wasn’t cerebral enough for you, this might do the trick: Anne Hathaway will soon star in a new film by Nacho Vigalondo ( 243 more words


Care Bear (Freak!) Training Film #1

We’ve been trying to draft an official statement about this but Member 9 won’t stop playing acid jazz.

He has no aim other than to piss off ZigZag Santa (they hate each other). 460 more words

We Are Feminism (and So Can You!)

Yaşayan Ölüler Nasıl Uyanır?: Synecdoche, New York

(© Fil’m Hafızası, Mustafa Koca)

Asla görmek istemediği, hayatının o en karanlık köşelerine terk ettiği acımasız gerçeklerle kim kolay kolay yüzleşebilir? Hangimiz egomuzu bir kenara bırakıp hayatın aslında bizim başrolünü oynadığımız bir tiyatro oyunundan fazlası olduğunu kolayca kabullenebilir? 1,165 more words


Synecdoche, New York (2008)

First published by EyeforFilm

A middle-aged man in crisis finds himself contemplating his mortality, loneliness and insignificance in a vast, indifferent universe.

These are the sort of grand existential themes that are normally associated with filmmakers from a more literate age, the Viscontis or Bergmans – but given that… 1,139 more words

BLINDSPOT: Being John Malkovich (1999)

You know, am I me? Is Malkovich Malkovich?” asked Craig Schwartz.

Director Spike Jonze teamed up for the first time with brilliant writer, Charlie Kaufman, to finally present one of the most inventive identity drama in… 402 more words

Movie Review

Deus Ex Machina: "Adaptation"

Welcome back you Scotch and a Movie enthusiasts! I’m pretty pumped up to still be here for our second round of the Scotch and a Movie blog. 1,344 more words