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19 Signs You're Secretly The Charlie Kelly Of Your Friend Group

1. You’re a person of simple pleasures.

2. Seriously, vacation planning couldn’t be easier.

3. You’re well aware that you have your own unique quirks. 319 more words

Charlie Kelly

Actor Charlie Kelly shot by me in Hollywood.

Dunning–Kruger Esteem

Last week, I discussed the impostor syndrome as it relates to myself and self-esteem. Catch up here if you missed it. This week, I will be continuing down a similar path by discussing the Dunning-Kruger effect. 806 more words


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The Most Annoying Things To Say To A College Grad: As Told By Charlie Kelly

“Do you have a job?”

“Have you had any interviews yet?”

“What are your plans for after graduation?”

“Did college prepare you for the real world?” 33 more words

Always Sunny

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