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The Best Feelings In The World

Last week I was rewarding some old videos on one of my favourite YouTube channels, the Vlogbtothers, when I found Hank Green and Charlie McDonnell’s videos about their 15 best feelings in the world, and was inspired to write my own. 1,146 more words


BYOC: Bring your own cereal for Cereal Time every morning

If you’re looking for a lovely way to start your morning (or end your night, because YouTube videos are useful like that) might I suggest… 336 more words


My Favourite YouTube Songs

(considering this is a post about YouTube the title really ought to be in capital letters and include Dan and Phil in some capacity)

It’s fair to say that I grew up on the Internet. 508 more words

Things That I Like

Honesty in Blogs and Vlogs (aka coursework #3)

Bloggers and vloggers are a quite special species of people on the internet. If you want to be a blogger (or a vlogger) there’s gotta be something that you want to talk about. 1,304 more words

I Broke The Chain woo-hooo

I’m a bit…disappointed of my lack of commitment. At the beginningĀ of the year, I challenged myself with this. It’sĀ something I learned from Charlie McDonnell in which he learned from the internet in which the internet learned from Jerry Seinfeld. 277 more words

Charlie McDonnell has a jar of love and it's very cute

YouTube’s biggest teddy bear Charlie McDonnell was not having a good day this week. He was feeling very sad and depressed so he scrapped the latest video he was going to create, and instead went for a jam jar. 355 more words