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Recent Rediscoveries

So, I’ve been a little remiss in my reading of late and that’s because I rediscovered Lost. I got the season 1 and 2 bonus feature DVDs from a friend and since then all I’ve been doing is binging on that. 584 more words

Life, finding cool things part 2

So, another batch of cool things I found whilst cleaning out my man cave

This is the mat from games workshops dreadfleet game. The game is good fun, I think mistakes were made in the naming, as an employee the biggest objection I heard to people buying it was “it’s not man o war.” Well you know what, no it’s not, but I feel had it been called man o war it would have sold out. 187 more words

My Life

"Lost" TV Series Review

After a plane crashes on an island, the survivors struggle to survive amidst the wreckage and casualties. Very quickly however, the survivors discover there are some strange things on the island, that they are not alone, and this island… has a mind of its own. 1,689 more words

Movie Review

Just Be Merry!

Merry Christmas

to all my lovely readers!

or if you don’t celebrate Christmas…

Merry whatever-equally-important-holiday

you do celebrate!

or if you don’t celebrate

any holidays this time of year… 32 more words

Richard Armitage

September 2007~ LFCC

A new show had hit the air! Heroes!

Showmasters pulled a coup and managed to get a number of top cast members. Also present were some cast members from LOST as well as Patrick Stewart. 83 more words


I'm Back!

Hello my very few followers! Ha! I haven’t been on lately because I have started watching Lost! I started about two weeks ago and I’m on season two episode sixteen! 207 more words

Catching Fire: Is It November Yet?

On Sunday, the trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was released, and friends, I am so excited, that

Catching Fire is my favorite book in Suzanne Collin’s trilogy, and I am strongly protective of it. 524 more words

Geek Moment