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Is this Really the Golden Age of Publishing? Ask Eddie Redmayne’s Brother

According to Charlie Redmayne, HarperCollins UK CEO and half-brother of Eddie, the book business has entered its Golden Age. He said as much earlier this month at a garden party for writers and publishers on a “glorious summer’s evening” in London. 531 more words


#scotbookconf | Charlie Redmayne, HarperCollins UK: "Publishing is a fantastic industry."

Publishing Scotland Conference – Keynote Speech – COSLA – 24th February 2015.

If you’re going to lose £1m on a book, at least make sure you’re damn proud to publish it. 411 more words


How we tell our stories...


Story: a sequence of real or fictional events.

As you can see above, the definition of story has nothing to do with writing, to be a writer means nothing more than to have an ability to set down and understand words to a certain standard. 388 more words

Joe Mcmullan

Brooke Warner & Self-Publishing; HarperCollins Takes Back Publishing; Rugby Jocks

Brooke Warner & Self-Publishing

This past week I had a nice e-mail exchange with a new writer whom I met through discussing something blog related. After we finished discussing the blog related issue he mentioned something about self-publishing a book and how he plans to go about doing it. 1,299 more words


FutureBook Literally Seeing the Future

I talked about the FutureBook conference happening in London, well it kicked it off today!

With its launch I hope anyone who has any interest in the publishing industry has been following its progress on… 501 more words

Bring Storytime Back

Harper Collins Executive Chief, Charlie Redmayne has told publishers to ‘take storytelling back from digital rivals.‘ On Thursday he’ll be at a conference talking about how publishers have allowed the digital industry to take over their role of storytelling. 177 more words


FutureBook: For All Things Digital.

“Futurebook is essential for anyone interested in understanding not just where publishing is now, but more importantly where it goes next.” George Walkley, head of digital, … 276 more words