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What's a Midlife Crisis?

“I used to think, before I had one, that the midlife crisis was something that happened to weak-minded chumps who didn’t have backbone. Now I believe that midlife crises are structural: they’re to do with your whole life. 318 more words


So Damned Much Is Senseless

Clinton, South Carolina, Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 9:56 a.m.

I don’t know what to write. I’m just trying because I find it therapeutic. When nothing makes sense, and I need it to, I just write. 794 more words

Monte Dutton

Immigration policy: why discrimination is a moral imperative

If you haven’t heard of Lee Kuan Yew, shame on you. He happens to be one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th century. Here’s… 735 more words


Kellyanne Conway; Trump's Surrogate Wife; Was Allowed Back on Television: Big Mistake NBC

I don’t understand why, but Kellyanne Conway was allowed on the “Today Show” Monday morning. NBC claims to be a legitimate news network, but having Trump’s surrogate wife and spin doctor on air proves that it is not concerned with the truth. 389 more words

My Weekly Spock: Leonard on Charlie Rose 1995

Here’s a WONDERFUL interview with Leonard on Charlie Rose from 1995!  This’ll make you smile! <3

Leonard Nimoy

Gisele Bündchen Says Husband Tom Brady Played With a Concussion Last Year

BOSTON (CBS SF/AP) — Tom Brady played through a concussion last year on his way to a fifth Super Bowl title, according to his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen. 448 more words


The Forest for the Trees

May 4, 2017

My morning ritual consists of waking before the dawn. The open bars of my cell are eastern facing. I always know which direction to face in my prayers. 444 more words