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All Eyes on Me

Ambition is not the sole domain of men. I refuse to remain in the demure and thankful role imprisoning women, while my male peers like Kanye West and Charlie Sheen are willed to boast about their achievements and self-proclaim themselves The Second Coming. 205 more words

Creative Writing

A Story of Courage, Faith and the Will to Survive Unfolds in "9/11"

September 11 or 9/11 is a date that has become a reference point in American history. It is a moment by which our lives are divided into “before” and “after.” What we experienced and shared as a people on that fateful day has no equal in our past. 255 more words



School starts today for some and on Wednesday for other and I have no money for a hair cut for one child or socks for either child. 272 more words


Lucas (1986)

Inspiring and entirely charming, screenwriter David Seltzer’s directorial debut is the type of underdog story that will always find an audience. It uncommonly treats its adolescent subjects as multi-dimensional people who belong to various social circles as opposed to types defined by their interests, and has a pitch-perfect lead performance by Corey Haim. 46 more words

Donna Peele Returns

Someone wrote me today and told me she hopes I find my truth because Donna Peele is alive and lives in NC under a formerly famous status. 103 more words

Beer on the Box - Bavaria

This ad looks real enough. Though why anyone would want to associate their brand with Charlie Sheen – or suggest it’s good for recovering alcoholics  – is beyond me.

Beer On The Box