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Las fallas de nuestras estrellas [Opinión]

Apelando al refrán, me parece que todos podemos convenir en el hecho de que la ira es mala consejera. Difícil rebatir el punto, pues más de uno de nosotros ha tomado una decisión equivocada estando bajo la influencia de un enojo superlativo. 784 more words


Richest Celebrities Who Seem to Have the Worst Attitudes

Many have said Money is the root of all evil! If you have money in the bank, what’s there to be mad at?

Too bad money can’t buy you a new attitude! 56 more words

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Is Donald Trump A Marketing Genius???

I just had a very interesting thought, and that thought is reflected in the title…could Donald Trump be a marketing genius? Really! It’s a serious question! 490 more words

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Contested Sequels: All Dogs go to Heaven


Here it is, another Don Bluth vs. non-Bluth film.  1 was made in 1989, while 2 was made in 1996.  They were both theoretical.  Unlike all my other Contested Sequel reviews I have equal nostalgia for both films and plenty of it.  700 more words

Cotested Sequels

Can't Beat Kennedy: Jen From Uxbridge

1. “Ghostbusters” is going to lose about $70 million, so it’s unlikely there will be a sequel. Meanwhile, the female reboot of “Ocean’s Eleven” is still on. 188 more words



August 3 in history:

In 14-hundred and 92, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It was on August 3rd that year, when Christopher Columbus left a Spanish port on his mission to reach Asia by crossing the Atlantic Ocean. 81 more words

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Charlie Sheen: Guns n' Neuroses

Charlie Sheen is a train wreck.  He has melted down very publicly over the course of decades.  In this interview from the August 1990 issue of Movieline magazine, Lawrence Grobel asked Sheen about his troubled youth.   5,431 more words