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3 Guys 1 Hammer and 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick - real life snuff films?

Once upon a time, snuff films were nothing more than an urban legend. Despite the rumours, no actual snuff film was ever found. But that was before… 887 more words

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Throwback Thursday! Winning!

This is an awesome classic Phil Factor post from March of 2011. Remember when Charlie Sheen went nuts?

(March 5, 2011)  Charlie Sheen. There I said it. 447 more words

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Birthday 44: Electric Booga-lore

Birthday 44: Electric Booga-lore

This morning I woke up on the couch hung over

and thought Huh, so this is 44

and after that I thought… 691 more words

Scary Movie 5 - Movie Review

This movie does not live up to its predecessors, especially the  first few scary movies. The lack of good acting in this movie was recognizable, the lack of good story line was noticeable, the lack of good jokes was even more common. 96 more words

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A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III is another largely unseen Roman Coppola gem


Rating: ★★★1/2

Charles Swan is a man who wants everything he can’t have, and that’s everyone when it comes to women. A drug-addled, sad-sack sex addict with a Ron Jeremy paunch to match, Charlie Sheen totters right out of the real life web pages of TMZ and straight into Roman Coppola’s dollhouse recreation of a Wes Anderson set. 1,616 more words


"Men at Work" (1990)

Overall Grade: (9.0/10)

For me this will always be a nostalgic favorite in the genre. With fun settings and likable characters this is a classic action-comedy that always results in enjoyment.  601 more words