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Purple Stain*

I didn’t reply. I closed my eyes. I was always getting sleepy while breast feeding, and now it was even harder as my adrenaline was coming in those chaotic waves. 1,226 more words

Anthony Kiedis

Today’s World Penguin Day So Meet My Penguin Charlie

Charlie is the penguin who lives at my house. He is very helpful in many ways. His primary source of income is as the lead penguin at the penguin exhibit down the Stoneham Zoo. 94 more words

six months with charlie.

Our little guy is starting to seem not so little anymore. We have glimpses every day of the kid he’s going to grow up to be, and it’s a combination of heart-wrenching that it truly does go by this fast, and so fun to have his little personality shining through. 519 more words


Busy, Busy!

I apologize for not posting more regularly but I’ve been quite busy with graduate school stuff. However, I did want to share this update with you: 375 more words

Life With Cats

You May Hear Me Being Called... A Charlie Guest Post

You May Hear Me Being Called…  A Charlie Guest Post

My mom calls me “Char.”
My niece calls me “E!”
My brothers call me “Chuck.” 236 more words


Daily chores

Easy goin’… chillin’ out … in the heat … on the balcony …
watchin’ over the birdies.



Dear Vodka,

One more day to go and I’ll be set free…

Well, it will be more like probation because I feel like once I return to school, I’ll be like a prisoner released on good behaviour or house arrest. 368 more words