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Power Unlooked For: Audrey Horne and Bravery

Fifteen hours. Roughly fifteen hours of television passed before Audrey Horne graced the television screen again. Fifteen hours and only one passing mention, and a terrifying one at that. 940 more words

The Return

Charlie, Chapter 1

People thought of Charlie mainly as a typical spoiled child, smoking cigarettes, skipping classes, spending too much money. They also think she’s distant, off in her own little world somewhere with those earbuds plugged in all the time. 530 more words


[Sex Predator] "Charlie Rose fired by CBS, PBS and Bloomberg over sexual misconduct allegations"

“Talk show host and journalist Charlie Rose was fired Tuesday by CBS News, PBS and Bloomberg in the wake of eight women accusing him of sexual harassment and unwanted advances in a report in… 28 more words


How Much Damage Has Charlie Rose Done To CBS This Morning?

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CBS acted swiftly and decisively in terminating Charlie Rose. The decision that will take some methodical thinking is what happens next for the network’s CBS This Morning, which has been a bright spot for the news division. 659 more words

Money Matters

Charlie Rose Exposed: Co-Workers Shocked and Angry @ Sexual Harrassment Revelations

‘CBS This Morning’ co-hosts ‘reeling’ the morning after an exposé about Charlie Rose’s sexual harrassment revelations.

Charlie Rose says he’s learned from the allegations against him. He hasn’t learned enough.

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When eight women told the Washington Post that Charlie Rose, the host of an interview show on PBS and a co-host of CBS This Morning, had made unwelcome sexual advances toward them, Rose issued the latest variation on what’s quickly becoming a common theme: the insufficient male apology. 412 more words