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The Child Containing Devil Wagons of Satan

The other day I went to Lakeside shopping center and came face to face with what can only be described as a public menace; the stupid push car things people wheel their kids around in. 643 more words


Doors and Buffoons

This is without doubt one of those ridiculous silly things that just grinds on me. It’s a hatred that started during my days as a 14 year old shouting down a microphone at Americans on CoD4 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for those not down with the lingo). 695 more words


Whats the point?

So hopefully this all works and looks like a proper blog.

I’m not too sure where to start with the whole blogging thing. There are so many rants to be had and so much to rant about that picking simple topics wont necessarily be all we go for. 79 more words


Charlie's Soap Indoor/Outdoor Surface Cleaner, 32-Fluid Ounce

Charlie’s soap indoor/outdoor surface cleaner is safe for all washable surfaces: cars, boats, bikes, driveways, siding, walls, pets, hands, engines, furniture, grills and much more. Charlie’s cleans grease, grass, blood, red clay, mildew stains, pet stains & oders, food stains, tar, pine sap, and poop.
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