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Guess who's back, back again. Kim is back, tell some... people

So, I know I’ve been in total avoidance for a couple of months now, so I know this post will probably do shitty. It’s fine, I blow shit up in the most extreme ways I can, so I know how to clean up after myself. 746 more words

Sometimes I Wanna Party Like Charlie Sheen

It’s ok, I already know how everyone feels about Charlie, he’s a moron, I get it. But at the same time, I can’t help but be a bit jealous of the man. 461 more words

Rob Gronkowski, Charlie Sheen and J. Cole Living

The Gronk as he is called, is unapologetic about his actions that others might deem unacceptable. No professional athlete is enjoying the single life more than this man. 297 more words

EP32: The Plight of Patti's Pies

Hey ya’ll! Shells has been busy trying to get on the Steve Harvey show, unsuccessfully and Irene has been chillin’ for the most part.  Neither of us can believe that it’s already time for Thanksgiving…but it is. 301 more words

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www.dam0n.org Charlie Sheen: 'I'm HIV Positive,' Paid Many Who Threatened To Expose Me...

I hope he becomes and advocate for HIV…. we need celebraties who are real and honest about his fuck-ups and personal shit like him so that stigma’s and ignorance can be removed from society. 31 more words


Charlie Sheen Has HIV.....and..

This is a “who-cares-so-I’m-going-to-not-care-more-by-blogging-about-it-anyway-thing…”

I had something really juicy to share with you all today…but I’m feeling judgmental and concerned..so I’m going to talk about STD’s instead. 321 more words

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But for the grace of...an empty bank account

So.  Charlie Sheen.  Holy cow.

And my first instinct is to say, “That asshole,”  and “He deserves it.”  Because, really, he’s an asshole.  And the reason he divulged everything to NBC is that it was getting too expensive to keep paying to keep people quiet.   479 more words