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February Reviews

Lately I’ve been more consistently rating non-fiction 5 stars. I can’t tell if I’ve just been reading great non-fic or my fiction desiderata has increased, at least for 5-stars. 632 more words


Jane Eyre and Modern Feminism

If you know me, you know that Jane Eyre is my absolute favorite book.  I read it for the first time as part of my Junior year English curriculum, and I have probably read it at least five times since.  1,403 more words

Personal Reflections

Elevating a Love Story: Jane Eyre Adapted

  • Fig. 1: Still from Plugged In, Jane Eyre (2011)

The Brontë sisters are some of the most famous authors, with some of the most famous books, of the 19th century. 1,583 more words

Bathos & Sentiment: Interpreting Sublime Imagery in Jane Eyre

Popular 18th century political thinker and prolific author Edmund Burke said, “whatever is fitted in any sort to excite the ideas of pain and danger, that is to say, whatever is in any sort terrible, or is conversant about terrible objects, or operates in a manner analogous to terror, is a source of the sublime” (Burke). 1,441 more words

Graphic Novels

Adapting the Sublime

There are some things in the world that cannot be explained. In life, these unfathomable things create deeper feelings than most can comprehend. They leave people with a sense of uncertainty. 1,303 more words