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Branwell Brontë's Misery

June 26th 2019 marks the 202nd anniversary of the birth of Patrick Branwell Brontë (1817-1848), ostensibly nothing but a failure and disappointment to his family. The only son of Patrick and Maria Brontë, Patrick Branwell (better known as Branwell) had lofty ambitions, great creativity, and ultimately fatal demons. 1,693 more words


London Trip

Ladies, can you swing by before the end of the day to collect your letters for the London and theatre trips?

Ideally, I’d like the London trip ones back before the holidays so I can get flights booked.

More Brontë Inspired Literature: Mr. R. by Tracy Neis

Back in April, the author of a rather intriguing piece of Brontë inspired fiction, Tracy Neis, contacted me to very kindly offer me a copy of her novel, … 1,877 more words


Book Review: Owl Manor – The Dawning by Zita Harrison

Owl Manor – The Dawning is the first in Zita Harrison’s new series of Gothic suspense novels set in 19th century America.

Owl Manor – The Dawning… 450 more words


Two Quick Reviews on a Sunny Sunday ~ #JNGReads

Happy Sunday everyone!

I just wanted to plop two short reviews on here today, to wrap up my reading from this week. I also managed to finish… 859 more words


Dread & Read Books - 2019

I am a staple at Jane’s three groups and love planning my reading around them!  I had family concerns, am working out an inability to access WordPress for long periods, and even had to rebuy a third modem that was zapped by a storm.  1,036 more words

Book / Novel / Literature

Hello, new Advanced Highers!

As ever, I’m looking forward to geeking out with this class over the next year.

Our texts this year will be: