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Revenge 4x23 "Two Graves" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

As much as we make mistakes, It is never too late to turn around and be the person you know that you could be. 908 more words


'Revenge' Review: It All Comes to an End

Emily Thorn succeeded in her revenge and she got to live happily ever after, not with out a few dozen scars though.

There was a lot of twist and turns as ‘Revenge’ came to an end. 712 more words


'Revenge' Review: Amanda's Finale Plea

Things are not looking too good for Amanda. She managed to get bail, but then was stupid enough to think she could get away with switching the signal on the monitor. 481 more words


'Revenge' Review: Will Victoria Win the War?

There’s no official word yet if ‘Revenge’ is coming to an end, but the story seems to be heading in that direction.

Last week Victoria killed herself in Grayson Manor and you knew it had to be more than just a suicide. 599 more words


The Long Burn of 'Revenge'

Can Victoria’s death confirm that ‘Revenge’ is ending? Nina Dobrev left ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and while I still believe there is no ‘TVD’ without Elena, there really is no ‘Revenge’ without Victoria. 683 more words


'Revenge': Amanda Clarke Exposed to the World

When we last saw Emily she was announcing to the world that she is Amanda Clarke. With that one statement, Emily Thorn is no more and neither is the revenger that we know and love. 796 more words


'Revenge': Emily Thorn is no More

Not only did Emily clear Daniel’s name, she also revealed who she really is, but was that maybe a step too far? Or was that her plan all along? 814 more words