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Char-Meck Animal Control Seizes Family Dog Over Rabies Vaccine Issue

On April 24, a 6 year old plott hound called Captain got into a tangle with a raccoon in the woods at his NC home.  The raccoon tested positive for rabies.   495 more words

Charlotte-Mecklenburg ACC

Charlotte Charity Collects Money for "Shelter Pet Enrichment", Buys Soda for Pet Killers

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg pound in NC is a pet killing facility under the police department with a sordid history of, shall we say, questionable judgment.  It comes as little surprise that Char-Meck would partner with this… 255 more words

Charlotte-Mecklenburg ACC

Charlotte Police Officer Who Killed Unarmed Man is a Former ACO

Some of you have likely seen news of the killing of a young man named Jonathan Ferrell in Charlotte, NC on Saturday.  Mr. Ferrell was reportedly involved in a bad accident in which his car went down an embankment in the woods.  323 more words

Needless Animal Shelter Killing

"Staggering Statistics" Actually Just Felt a Bit Woozy for a Moment, Now Right as Rain

American Humane Association brings the drama:

The numbers are sobering: Every year, some 7-8 million animals end up in our nation’s shelters, which struggle valiantly to provide life-saving services to them.

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Cats: Thanks for the Rescue. Oh Hey, What's That Blue Needle?

January 2012, Texas:

Authorities on Jan. 3 seized 200 cats from Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary Inc. in Texas City after finding them in squalid living conditions.

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Stay Classy, Char-Meck

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg pound, the place that brought you such classics as The Drugged Kitty Photo-Fest and Oops – We Killed A(nother) Pet, brings you this… 38 more words

Charlotte-Mecklenburg ACC

Cats at the Charlotte Pound

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control in NC hasn’t updated its statistics since the end of February 2012. That month, the pound killed 67% of the cats in its care. 127 more words

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