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Green light: A primer on how Charlotte recycles trash ... Good move to recycle, PGA ... Surprised? Denier-in-Chief ignores federal climate report

The City of Charlotte’s Solid Waste department left a voicemail the other day – a message I’d waited and hoped for.

A few posts ago I opined how nice it would be (for you) to see this this blog shift momentarily away from gruesome trash and litter photos to a more thorough explanation of how Charlotte deals with recycling of tons of material.  508 more words

Robin Talbert's Essay: "Please,North Carolina,Be the State of Love"

Robin Talbert serves as one of LPR’s nonfiction reviewers and graciously granted us permission to reprint her essay.  Talbert offers us a lot to consider about making our society more just, welcoming, and inclusive. 809 more words

Ann Bracken

Parting Shots From the Pastor of America's Largest Parish 

After 40 years and 12 parish assignments, Monsignor John McSweeney is retiring from active parish life, but not before firing a few parting shots at the next generation of priests. 783 more words


Mega-Church Pastor Todd Coontz Indicted On Tax Fraud: 1.5 mil Condo Fleet Of Luxury Cars As Business Expences


After North Carolina televangelist Todd Coontz was indicted on tax fraud charges last week, claiming that his $1.5 million condo and luxury cars were “business expenses,” a group that monitors ecclesiastical fraud has warned that some preachers are “raping” the Christian community. 990 more words


Bucking Trump ... kindred spirits: golf and trash ... oceans under assault ...

A lot – a whole lot – has been said about Pres. Trump thumbing his nose at the impact of man-influenced climate change. Of course, he’s wrong and virtually every scientist and scientific agency of note is right. 638 more words

N.C. DOT rejects thousands of license plate names

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has banned thousands of license plates, according to an article from the Charlotte Observer. The Observer provided a comprehensive… 100 more words


And a time to every purpose, under heaven ...

It took Pete Seeger and The Byrds to put a few verses from Ecclesiastes into perspective for many of us:

To everything (turn, turn, turn) 837 more words

Writing To Adult Children