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Classic Must-Watch Anime (Lesser-Known Edition)

So yeah, this is basically the second part to Classic Must-Watch Anime (Popular Edition).

While you’re waiting for that next season of Boku no Hero Academia or Haikyuu or Code Geass, you can kick back and relax with these surprisingly obscure anime! 1,179 more words


Down the Highways of the Old Confederacy

I am not from The South. I have lived here all of my adult life, but I have always had difficulty considering myself a Southerner. I was reminded of it early and often when I moved to North Carolina, no matter how many times I reminded the kids on the cheese wagon that we Bostonians hated the Yankees, too. 3,650 more words

Education And Philosophy

President's arts committee becomes first White House department to resign, because "art is about inclusion"

The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities submitted a letter of resignation to Donald Trump this morning in response to his *deplorable* handling of the events in Charlottesville. 504 more words


Wandering in Wisconsin

Friends— We arrived in in Wisconsin for our John & Laurel’s wedding (more on that later!!) and since then have been taking in fun and food with our other kids winding our way across  the state.   335 more words


Are You Financially Prepared for Death?

Most people don’t like to discuss their own death.  And when it comes to the financial burden that accompanies that inevitable moment, there’s a reluctance to bring money into the conversation – except when there’s a rush to raise funds for funeral service and burial. 88 more words