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WWE BACKLASH RESULTS: Royal Glow Fire Attempt Retribution Against the Unwelcoming Foes (May, 21st 2017)

A Weekend of non stop wrestling concluded this Sunday as the WWE Smackdown brand brought its first single brand Pay Per View since WrestleMania. The PPV that brought a shocking but fresh ending (if you don’t know by now you’ll know by tonight’s Smackdown) and while it sadly gave us no smackdown women’s championship defense but what made up for it was women’s tag team action as Becky Lynch united with the Reigning Champion Naomi and Smackdowns recent roster acquisition Charlotte to take on the unified force of Carmella, Natalya and Tamina, now dubbing themselves the “Welcoming Committee”. 1,826 more words

Tillandsia fasciculata

Common Wild-pine (Tillandsia fasciculata)
Charlotte Co.


First Time Experiences

“Are you really sure?” she asks me, and I smile gently at her. Part of me wishes she’d stop asking, but even though I am definitely nervous, she seems to be even more so than me. 8,341 more words


Man smuggled 880 pounds of marijuana on flights to Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – A New York man convicted of smuggling more than 880 pounds (399.17 kilograms) of marijuana on commercial flights from San Francisco to Charlotte has been sentenced to 24 years in federal prison. 90 more words


Teaser Tuesday: In the Moonlight - Journal

I’m back with another teaser from In the Moonlight. I’m hoping to have this all transcribed into Scrivener by the end of this week. Unless I get something back from CP/betas  before then. 600 more words


Series Issues: Lucifer manages to feel Sympathy for the Goddess

Please allow spoilers to introduce themselves.

In a quick revision of the intended goal, we’re now talking about three components to make the sword whole. I also hope that we get an actual sword in the end rather than three trinkets glued together. 597 more words

Series Issues