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005 - Steven Universe, "The Answer"

You hear people say “we’re in the Golden Age of television” all the time these days. Some have taken to calling our current climate “peak TV.” And while that descriptor certainly adheres to the recent influx in serialized dramas all over premium and basic cable, many argue you could apply the term to animation as well. 800 more words


Oh The Moon

Oh The Moon is a weird little book.  It’s weird in a it makes you feel and think kind of way.  It’s a collection of short stories that have been written and illustrated by Charlyne Yi.   387 more words


Once More into the Breech

There are two youtube videos that I want to comment on here.  Both of them involve late night television.

The first is this exposition by Conan O’Brien about having a show that has to be TV MA. 298 more words

Charlyne Yi Does A Delightfully Weird (And Also Totally Spot On) Turtle Impression

Charlyne Yi stopped by Conan this week to promote her new book, Oh the Moon, where she obliged the red-haired host by doing some impressions. 115 more words


Short Take: Oh the Moon - Charlyne Yi

Yi is a poet, comedian, musician, painter, and writer. You may remember her for her role in Knocked Up or from her hilarious and hilariously odd appearances on late night TV. 241 more words


Five Female Comics Who Will Crack You Up at Festival Supreme

The autumnal extravaganza Festival Supreme — curated by Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass and held Saturday, October 10th at Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo Hall & Grounds — has a lot more going for it than (hopefully) cooler temperatures. 914 more words

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Paper Heart - Documentary or Mockumentary?

Paper Heart was a film released in 2009, starring Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera.  In it, Ms. Yi tries to find out what romantic love is because she has never experienced it.  536 more words

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