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Poetry: "Milk mustache"

This is the sort of love poems I would write, if I had reason to write them. :P 41 more words


Charm's new look

Here’s Charm’s new look. I promise this the last time I redesign plus I’m satisfy with this design.

Check out the other blog- http://www.elementsofthesixkingdoms.wordpress.com

art and character (c) @creativenia15


4 Ways to Become More Charming

Image by Donald Tong

It is human nature to be drawn to people who are polite, agreeable, positive and helpful; charming, in short.

Understand that charm is a key component of success. 492 more words


DIY French Country Coffee Bar

The Pinterest world has shown us that coffee bars in your home is a must have! Well as you can guess, I jumped on the band wagon. 90 more words



Dearest Reader,

If you were asked about something that mattered to you, what would you say? My guess would be something formulaic – though not irrelevant nor inappropriate – like family, friends or happiness. 439 more words

Dewitt Valentino

My Favourite Gift This Year: My El Camino Bracelet

It was my birthday last week (one step closer to 30 – eek!) and all the post was cancelled. I can thank Orkney’s weather for that. 446 more words


DIY thrifty decor

I am in love with earthy colors. It doesn’t take much to know what elements and colors look good together. There is the occasion where you’re stumped, but really all you have to do is go outside, find your color and see what’s around it. 505 more words