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A Letter to History

Dear History,

When I allude to you, I do not only mean the alluring tales of love, wars and lives lived and lost.  You are also the pervasive story behind my carved musical box. 198 more words



I moved to Phoenix in 2008 after Kashif and I got married. Although we don’t live there anymore, my In-laws still live there so we go back frequently. 359 more words

Physical Attractiveness and Intelligence

People who are physically attractive are not just good looking but brainy too. The children of beautiful couples are inclined to become heir to both qualities, building a genetic link over successive generations between Brain and beauty. 247 more words



  • Abracadabra is the famous magical word that is still used today by stage conjurers.
  • It may have derived from an ancient Jewish cure for sickness that went:
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