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Multi pronged protection

While good luck charms and ‘kan drishti’ (wrath of the evil eye) protectors are very common, this shopkeeper seems to have gone overboard. He has a horseshoe for luck, Vinayaka for divine blessings, lemon and seven green chillies, alum on a black rope  and  sanctified ribbons for extra protection. 7 more words


Jewel of the day: Kit and Ace Iconic Charm

The Kit and Ace brand is a kind of stepchild of Lululemon Athletica (through family and not corporate connections). They work a lot with a fabric they dubbed technical cashmere (a cashmere blend that can be machine washed). 74 more words


Quote for Today: Margaret Atwood

There were places you didn’t want to walk, precautions you took that had to do with locks on windows and doors, drawing the curtains, leaving on lights. 49 more words

Quote For Today

Charmed ... 

With words that heal the broken wings of the delicate heart,

Filling up my being with laughter and love ,

Still my lips treasure that smile, 47 more words


14K Gold 3-D Horse Carousel Charm

14K Gold 3-D Horse Carousel Charm. This 14K gold charm is 3/4″ wide and 1″ long and contains 9.9 grams of gold. Gold charms come packaged in a free lovely gift box. 11 more words

Eternal Attire; Love .

When clock keeps ticking but time stops ,

When birds fly away but their song remains,

When friends leave off and memory stays ,

At that time , 50 more words