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Mellica Charm

Mellica, the beloved gentle giant, passed away this winter. He was truly a member of the family and will be missed in his Northern home by the lake. 73 more words


Orenda Bracelets

I always had a little crush for arm candy. It can be cool or elegant but it also can give your outfit that little extra. Last week I ordered some from… 156 more words


amulet/charm + an excerpt by schopenhauer

Edmund V. Gillon Jr

Tibetan Tantric Charm Amulet (reproduced from the original woodblock) , 1978.

‘The fundamental tenet of the Vedanta school consisted not in denying the existence of matter, that is of solidity, impenetrability, and extended figure (to deny which would be lunacy), but in correcting the popular notion of it, and in contending that it has no essence independent of mental perception; that existence and perceptibility are convertible terms.’ 47 more words

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Lightning Days

Traveling in the night, the glittering lights of highways suddenly started to feel as thunder lightning. There’s nothing to do with the lights. Though I can clearly understand the same, but was feeling a bit doubtful of the view that got registered. 260 more words


Hotdog Polymer Clay Charm Tutorial

I’ve uploaded my very first tutorial video on how to make a cute Hotdog Charm. As this is my very first video it took me quite a while to put this video together as well as putting myself too. 11 more words



The pressure drops and I have the painful sensation of wind over wet ears. ‘You’re more when you’re around other people,’ she says. More what? ‘I don’t know… just, more you. 73 more words


A Fine Shield (# Tanka)

Words, sweet as honey

Such charm, flowing like fine wine

Confident and brave

Yet, it is a mask she wears

Armour, to protect her core… 9 more words