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Talk Dirty to Me

Talk dirty to me;
Tell me
You Love Me
That’s the Filth I mean
when I think
of Talking Dirty.

Tempt me with
Your obsceneties… 90 more words

Find a Forever 21 Near You

All Forever 21 stores are set up differently.


Some are bigger and have way more choices to purchase from, and some are based on the size of the community. 73 more words


Repetition is a sign of Stupidity

It’s getting old
All this being told
“You’re a beautiful soul”
“You shine brighter than all the rest”
“You’re the fucking BEST”
The answer
I contest; 43 more words

Just my luck.

I decided to act like an adult and go to sleep before midnight. So I took a quick shower, jumped into my PJ`s (they are so damn cute with all those unwashable pizza stains, really stunning) and went to bed. 189 more words