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Nationals Park: A Close Community in the City

As a child, going to baseball games is one of the most exciting and glorious things to do in the summer. Going to a Nationals’ baseball game as an adult makes you feel like you have once again become a kid. 544 more words

Concierge Favorites

Deep Diss

You know, Jess, with all the people you piss off, your dance card in Hell is gonna be quite full.

Took me a while to get that one because I’ve never had a dance card (not even in that stupid charm school for adolescent ladies).

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On How to Properly Approach a Man

Ladies, we are entering a new age of adminstration. One where traditional power roles are being reversed. For many a moon women have been steadily stalking the success rabbit and have learned to sink their talons into its hide, forcing it to the ground and draining the life force from its ventricals.   519 more words

The Re-education Of Cai Otee

If You Want, You Can Still Take Etiquette Lessons

The idea of charm school is really quaint at this point. Girls walking with books on their heads, the back of your hand smacked if you pick up the wrong fork or put your elbows on the table, the thought that you need to practice how to curtsey. 456 more words

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