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Nature the Charmer

My lungs are waking me up way too early and as a result my mornings become quite eventful. Today I’ve watched a bit of When Harry Met Sally, walked, worked and written. 145 more words


Claptone the Charmer LP

The mysterious yet eloquent masqueraded figure known as Claptone releases his LP full of funky techno and deep house tracks recently and does it proper. There is always a very smooth balance between old school house music and contemporary. 135 more words


I Just Met A Girl Named Bahia

I promised some nighttime photos of the main square near Marrakech’s bazaar, so here they are. When looking at them imagine that you can smell the smoke from dozens of grills while hearing chanting, percussive music, flutes, and people shouting. 1,241 more words



You wear them like a trophy
draped around your neck
Tangled together by thorns
woven together with thread
you found and pulled off
brand new scars… 122 more words


Snake Charmer Bong Thong in Red Easy

A genetically enhanced next-generation Special Forces unit commanded by members of FOXHOUND leads an assault on a remote island in Alaska’s Fox Archipelago. The island, codenamed Shadow Moses, is the site of a nuclear weapons disposal facility. 224 more words

Siwy Womens Hannah Slim Crop Jean in Snake Charmer Effortless

After a fire fight, the two jeeps crash into each other at the outside entrance to the underground tunnel. Liquid emerges from his jeep and pulls a gun on Snake, but suddenly dies from the FoxDie virus. 200 more words


Boxycharm: August 2015

By far, the best subscription I’ve tried to date is Boxycharm. The products are always more than worth it and they always impress me simply by being full sized. 247 more words