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'snake' & 'charmer'

My 3-year old was gifted an eerie looking snake by her aunt. It’s a scary piece of toy but my girl loved it!

She names most of her things and toys, and when asked what she’d like to name this one, she started thinking. 28 more words


Excerpt from book...

……………sitting in the Botanical Gardens thinking about her life and what had happen to her to change it in the last two months.

The Botanical Gardens, was a large park with various big trees and lush green grass that stretched across from one point to the other.  149 more words


Untimely Beauty Turns To Ash

When the sun refuses to set, there is an unforgivable beauty. It commands attention, which it does get, but there seems to be an unspoken gift which would say how it is not time for this sort of beauty yet. 122 more words

Mind's Castle

In Short Supply, Day and Knight

One should always buff one’s armour,

If one seeks to be a Charmer,

For Maidens in distress are two a penny;

And when these lovely ladies… 62 more words