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It's Hard to Know Where to Start

Life can get unbelievably complicated.  I need to share my story with people who are not in my life.This blog is raw and real with a lot of emotion so I don’t want to analyse grammar and sentence structure when it is coming straight out of my mind, life and circumstances. 2,732 more words


Our gazes locked,

As music plays I realise her eyes are linked with the one behind me.
With the same eyes.
I’m just another… 41 more words

So sure of himself,
He smiles,
…fetches the flute himself,
He blows out fine rhymes.
Never the loser,
One creature didn’t stand a chance,
Ever the winner, 100 more words


What's On The Map In Entertainment

Entertainment contributor Kevin Kaze Thomas shares what’s On The Map for the month of May.

My Carolina Talk

One Woman's Trash

Oh to me talk me discarded frock
With stories no one knows
Let’s go mingle to the lingo
Of discarded clothes

And without fail I’ll tell your tale… 191 more words


Hero Archetype #7 -- The Charmer

We all know them.  The Charmers of entertainment.  That type of character that could sell snow to an Eskimo.  Didn’t you hear?  He’s got a bridge in Brooklyn he wants to sell you.   727 more words