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Crystal of Manifestation-Crystal Quartz

A few weeks ago I went to one of my favorite corners of the book store, the Metaphysical section. A woman turns to me after a few moments and starts spilling her entire life story. 637 more words

The Luo Superstitions

Audrey Ng’eny

An interview with Akinyi Linda

Linda basically believes superstitions are beliefs of a particular community, on particular events that happen in ways that cannot be explained by a reason. 174 more words


Season 5 Shopkins - Low Price Alert!

Shopkins Season 5, 12-Pack

New season 5 Shopkins currently marked down 29%.

Amazon is offering this 12 pack which includes the 12 Shopkins, 2 backpacks and 2 hidden charms! 8 more words


​Fare Thee Well, Return Good Home

In Japanese, “kaeru” means both “return home,” and “frog.” (The kanji have different components/meanings, but they are homophones.) When my friends go on epic adventurers, I love to give them something frog related as a talisman to ensure their safe return. 258 more words

St. Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi was born circa 1181. His father was a wealthy cloth merchant who owned farmland around Assisi, Italy, and his mother was a beautiful Frenchwoman. 517 more words


The start

I remember well the funny period of confusion caused omen. I remember I felt an irresistible need to know the process. No They face a long time, and I decided to go back and talk to the soothsayer. 240 more words