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Daily Draw: Four of Pentacles and XX Judgement

Today’s energy is about home and security, bringing solidity into the areas of your life that are fluid and making some decisions to get things done. 145 more words


Super Sheep

All my polymer clay related social media (all two of the platforms I use), and even the business cards for Monomers (my unopened Etsy store) bear the image of a pearl white Swirly Sheep. 446 more words


Daily Draw: XV The Devil and Four of Wands

Today’s energy isn’t particularly happy or helpful, friends, and the possibilities for being your own worst enemy are endless. Watch what you see and hear, what you let into your boundaries, and be careful of your own thoughts about things. 162 more words


Nalu Beads and Tribal Steel Bracelet

For those of you that haven’t heard of Nalu beads they are basically Murano glass beads that are made to symbolise different beaches around the world. 343 more words


Commissioned - Memory Box

SOLD – £10.00

I’ve never done a memory box before but a customer requested one for her newly born grand-son so I came up with this  one in two shades of blue. 143 more words

Craft Items

Daily Draw: Two of Swords and Four of Cups

Today’s draw is about the shearing away of what is over and gone, and the necessity of sitting in quiet contemplation while it happens. This is a natural process, an organic thing that accompanies changes between one state and another: what went before and was so critical at the time is no longer useful, and in fact may be weighing you down and causing toxic reactions in your new reality. 36 more words


Seashells by the Seashore

What do you do when you meet a creative soul who loves to take life’s natural treasures and turn them into jewelry?

Well, you take her seashells to add to your charm bracelet of course! 187 more words