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Mechanical Bounty Hunter

This is so cool. Like look at the colors, the hairstyle, the fur color and pattern like everything is just perfect. Stalked in Mistlock Sanctuary, character name is Haevrok.

I need more.

[Art/Story] Character of the Week - Zevida the Pale

[[ I know absolutely nothing about Guild Wars lore so hopefully the picture makes up for it. This week’s character is Zevida the Pale, a charr ranger. 501 more words


JTFW Sketches - Heads

Cub inspired me to draw a char

And Laze/Pyro inspired me to draw a DragonĀ :D


Traversing Tyria: 5E Content from Guild Wars 2

Greetings, adventurers!

So, I did this as a personal project to show my love of one of my favorite games for the PC. I will say though: trying to convert some of the mechanics from one game into a tabletop sort proved to be challenging at times. 176 more words