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sb: But first, let me take a selfie

Catsin dropped the last of her armour in the snow and shivered slightly in the frosty air. The wind was howling, whipping snow into her ears and eyes, and there was no protection from its piercing claws up this high. 500 more words


A Tail of Two Races: Doing Proper Justice to Asura and Charr Armor

The armor in Guild Wars 2 looks amazing, with a wide variety of styles, themes, options between skimpy or clothed, and of course the level of artistic care we’ve come to expect from anything ArenaNet releases. 2,178 more words


sb: Snow and Frost

Alex: It’s been a rough week, followed by a tiring weekend, and this morning was really the first time I had a quiet moment to myself. 158 more words


sb: Weyandt's Revenge

Hello. It’s Sunvara.

I was visiting Lion’s Arch, just stopping in to trade some stuff, and I started exploring around a little bit. I remembered that Regdoff said there was a pirate cave, with the ghost of a captain testing anyone who tries to get in. 613 more words


The Adventure Begins

Happy November 15th!

Okay, so it’s a couple hours past midnight (what am I still doing up??) and it’s not technically the 15th anymore, but I haven’t gone to bed yet so for me, it is still the 15th. 627 more words


Welcome to the Warband

I stood perched on the thick, mossy branch, surveying the ground far below.

There was a gentle breeze here, ruffling my fur. I turned my face into it happily. 1,057 more words

Guild Wars 2

Hybrid Hiphop

In a world where charr and asura can have babies, there is also hiphop.

Give Guild Wars another 250 years =p