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I have won a Charr Plushie!!!

Thanks Dragon Season for contacting me to let me know I am a winner of a Charr Plushie


You’ve won an elusive and incredibly cuddly Charr Plushie in our competition!

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Guild Wars 2

Freelancer Rask in Atlas Reactor

This is too good not to share here. :) The picture shows one of the freelancers of Atlas Reactor. Freelancers are the characters you can choose to play. 146 more words

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Half a Chance

Catsin slitted her eyes against the candlelight. She blinked blearily, her head spinning as she rolled onto her back. The movement hurt—a lot. As the pain ripped through her muscles, so too did the memories rip through her mind. 2,852 more words

Guild Wars 2

My new second main character

Ever since playing an engineer in Warhammer Online, I have fallen in love with that style. The only thing I missed in Guild Wars 2, was the hammer-weapon. 361 more words

Guild Wars 2