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Let The Winds Blow

Baby, it’s blowin’ outside.  Thunder rolls.  But we are safe inside our little cave.  Still living and sleeping in shifts with interludes between.

I know I am changing.   306 more words

Retire Or Reinvent


No you cannot build a fence.  Took second dog back.  He now luxuriates on a one acre safely fenced yard with a couple who just lost their aussie shepherd to old age.   257 more words

Day Trading Stock Market

Chart Weekly: Elemental Trine

Good day folks! So this week we’ve looked at the basics of Elements. Today we will be looking at how they are applied into a chart. 148 more words


Apple just dumped

Hard.  Down down down she goes and where she stops nobody knows.

Two contracts out.  Moving so fact we took a $10 loss on the third one before escaping the tumble down the black slope.   496 more words

Retire Or Reinvent

Day Trader Drinking

Not to excess.  But I knew the minute a video blared from his computer, yes the computer that is ten feet from my head as I sleep in bed, that alcohol was involved. 239 more words

Day Trading Stock Market


Day Trader has stopped day trading my 401K and now intense focus on the charts in front of him.  Oh, and the chess game(s) he has going on the other screen. 318 more words

Day Trading Stock Market


Chop, chop and drop.  Who knew?  Day Trader bored by sideways movement and only in hindsight saw that major short opportunity.  Oh well.  Maybe this isn’t his thing. 212 more words

Day Trading Stock Market