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You're Not the Issue, I'm a Mess, This is a Chart

Just for shits and gigs, I’m going to put this chart I made on here. I was having a particularly rough day a bit ago, and I wanted to explain to my boyfriend what the hell was going through my mind. 140 more words


Free Sarge (Quake III) cross stitch pattern / chart.

I finally made a new pattern! It’s been a while since I’ve been quite busy but here it is. This is Sarge, a character from a series of games called Quake (a first person shooter). 101 more words


Summary of Four Eschatological Postitions...

Here is a nice summary of the four main eschatological positions produced by Rose Publications which may especially be useful for those who are just beginning to examine the bible’s message on prophecy. 23 more words


CHART: Dossa & Locuzzed - Top 5 German Drum & Bass tracks.

Viper Recordings are about to drop their 2015 Drum & Bass Summer Slammers section, which features ‘Hollow’ by German duo Dossa & Locuzzed. We caught up with them on the eve of the albums release to find out what their top 5 German Drum & Bass tracks are. 33 more words


Social Media Cheat Sheet

I was busy looking up social media profile photo sizes and found this handy dandy cheat sheet. Now you can see your sizes all in one place. 

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Finally, some good news in a depressing US income inequality chart

The latest estimates are in, and yes, the rich are getting richer. But wait—it turns out 2014 is the first year since 2007 when the change in real income for most American families rose by something more than a fraction of a percentage point: 169 more words

Need a simple way to create flow charts?

Sometimes the common tools (MS Office for example) used for creating flow charts seem cumbersome and uncooperative.

So here is a website I found which does this simply and effectively for free. 52 more words