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Australia 'needs a Bill of Rights'

Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs says the country needs a Bill of Rights.

Speaking at a public lecture at Curtin University, Prof Triggs said Australia was the only western democracy without a charter protecting human rights and this meant the rights of Aboriginal people, Torres Strait Islanders, the disabled, the elderly, the LGBTI community and asylum seekers were not protected. 264 more words


A New Way to Teach Children the Canadian Charter

S. Evelyn CimesaApril 21, 2016 | Products

Le texte français suivra

We’re excited to announce the release of La Charte pour les enfants… 234 more words

Minimum Guaranteed Income

Minimum Guaranteed Income is Back On The Discussion Table.

Both the federal government and the provincial governments of Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec are about to explore the concept of guaranteeing a minimum income to all people. 563 more words

Rights And Freedoms

There Was a Time...

There was a time when the disabled simply weren’t heard from or seen.  That time was over fifty years ago and I would like to think those days are long gone.   791 more words

Terry Wiens

Peel police violated cellphone customers' rights in robbery investigation

TORONTO – An Ontario court has ruled that Peel Regional Police violated cellphone customers’ charter rights when requesting a broad swath of personal information from about 40,000 Telus and Rogers subscribers to help them with an investigation. 399 more words