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Factors to Be Considered While Booking Fishing Charters

The Fishing Charters is a type of service which is usually offered by boat owners, which allows people to take a trip to the center of a water body and spend some time while catching fishes. 287 more words

Charter Rates

NH bill would increase funding for charter schools--Nashua Telegraph

Several charter school-related bills have been introduced to the state Legislature this session, reports the Nashua Telegraph. Charters currently receive about $5,500 per pupil from the state, and typically rely on grants and fundraisers to make up the difference. 310 more words


Teach for America is NOT the Answer!

Arizona Legislators think spending $2 million on Teach for America (TFA) recruits is a solution for “supporting our teachers?” Get real. You don’t support teachers by bringing in “scabs” to take their jobs or, by claiming that young college graduates, with five weeks of training are “highly qualified teachers.” You support teachers by providing them what they need to do their jobs and paying them equitably. 519 more words


Charter school bill, HB 625, would change school authorization process in NH --Nashua Telegraph

The Nashua Telegraph reported on HB 625, which would allow more groups–including mayors and any nonprofit in New Hampshire — to authorize new charter schools. 216 more words


March 4 floor vote scheduled for HB 126, establishing a commission to study special ed in chartered schools

The House is scheduled to vote on HB 126 on March 4. The House Education Committee voted HB 126 “Ought to Pass” by 18-3 on February 17. 18 more words


March 4 floor vote scheduled for HB 662, refunding property taxes paid by charters

The House will vote on HB 662 on March 4. The bill was voted “Ought to Pass” by 16-1 in the House Municipal and County Government Committee. 26 more words