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New Orleans Superintendent Sure Is Having to "Emergency Revoke" a Lot of Charters...

It seems that Orleans Parish Schools superintendent Henderson Lewis has his hands full in dealing with New Orleans charter schools that find themselves in fiscal trouble. 600 more words


The Gimmick Behind a Walton-Featured, 100-Percent-College-Acceptance Charter School

In April 2018, the Walton Family Foundation (WFF) announced that it formed two new nonprofits for the purpose of loaning money to charter schools “to make it easier and more affordable for public charter schools to find, secure and renovate facilities.” 844 more words


Nation's First Charter School Teachers Strike Heads for Day Three

Charter school teachers are not supposed to strike.

They are supposed to be at-will employees, able to be fired at the will of their employer, without due process. 627 more words


Wealth Redistributed

I was recently in a public forum on education when a school board member asked me whether my call to address inequities in our schools was a call for the “redistribution of wealth”. 1,312 more words


The Hold will transform people's ability to engage with Suffolk's history.

Work has started on the £20m project to transform Suffolk’s Record Office service. The Hold project is a partnership between Suffolk County Council and the University and will see a new flagship heritage facility located close to the Ipswich Waterfront. 164 more words

Paul West

Indy Voters: Here's Your Chance to Oust an Ed-Reform School Board Incumbent.

When it comes to killing traditional public education in favor of market-based ed reform models that remove the community control from its own schools, market-based ed reformers means business– and the public would do best to believe that there is a market for the usurping of community influence over schools. 1,411 more words


Bill Daley is Running for Chicago's Next Mayor. School-Closure Supporter Peter Cunningham is Managing the Campaign.

Another Daley is running for political office in Chicago:

Bill Daley for Mayor.

Both Daley’s father and brother took turns as Chicago’s mayor, and not without taint to the legacy, as the September 16, 2018, … 1,004 more words