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The Walmart-ization of Charter Schools: Goodbye, Little Fish.

If you plan on operating a small charter school– one that defies the market principal of scaling, of becoming part of a charter chain– then take a hint from… 1,930 more words


The 74's Romy Drucker Sees Millennial Hope for Market-Driven Ed Reform. I See Pro-Reform Vapor.

In January 2018, The 74 co-founder, Romy Drucker, published an opinion piece about a survey conducted in the summer of 2017 by Echelon Insights and regarding millennials’ views on education. 3,808 more words


97.81% of Charter Schools not "Diverse By Design"

Charter schools are diverse by design? Holy sampling on the dependent variable Batman! All Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Football League (NFL) teams are good because look at the top of the standings! 709 more words

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BASIS Charter Debt: Pyramid-Like Dependence on Opening New Schools?

In April 2017, I began examining the growing debt of Basis Charter Schools, which originated in Arizona and have since expanded to Washington, DC, and Texas. 1,477 more words


Former La. RSD Supt. Patrick Dobard Says NOLA Needs "More Good Schools"

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, former Louisiana state superintendent Cecil Picard wanted to kill Orleans Parish Public Schools (OPSB) and replace the entire system with independently-operated charter schools. 1,525 more words


Charter School Unions Make It Hard to "Fully Control the Teachers."

The 74 co-founder Romy Drucker is in an uproar over teachers at charter schools choosing to unionize.

You might remember Drucker’s The 74¬†fellow co-founder, Campbell Brown, as founder of fabricated grass roots¬† 1,294 more words


The Bill Gates Disconnect

Billionaire Bill gates keeps trying to impose his ideas on American public education in hopes of scaling something.

He has tried breaking larger schools into smaller ones… 1,514 more words

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