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Richard Phelps' Deep Dive Into the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation/Institute, and More

On September 16, 2018, researcher and consultant Richard Phelps sent me an email; in the subject line, he wrote, “your work is cited, referenced, and mentioned throughout.” 2,496 more words


Gary Rubinstein Writes to the "Seven-Figure Success Academy Donors"

New York math teacher Gary Rubinstein has written a thought-provoking open letter to Eva Moskowitz’s “seven-figure Success Academy donors.”

Below are some of my favorite excerpts for their poignancy: 977 more words


The Ultimate in Charter School Self-Dealing: AZ Taxpayers Pay Twice for Same Schools, For-Profit Owner Reaps Before, During, and After Sale

Arizona’s charter school laws allow for the most self-dealing that I am aware of in states with charter schools.

Consider this situation as reported in the… 477 more words


100-200 Students Walk Out at Sacramento High School, Run by Michelle Rhee

Notorious ed reformer Michelle Rhee (Johnson) chairs the board of St. Hope Public Schools (Sacramento, CA), which includes five charter schools, one of which is Sacramento High School, which became a charter school… 690 more words


California Gives For-Profit Charters the Boot, K12 Inc. Largely the Reason

On September 07, 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill authored by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty prohibiting for-profit charter schools in California, effective July 01, 2019. 772 more words


Success Academy "Defenders" Defend... and Leave

In April 2015, Huffington Post contributor and Success Academy “former 7th grade teacher and vice principal,” Nicholas Simmons, posted a piece written by Success Academy (New York) former teacher, Danielle Hauser. 1,628 more words