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Migrant-Child Shelter Operator, Southwest Key, Also Runs a Charter School (or Two)

Southwest Key is a nonprofit that operates several of the detention centers for children of the migrants who are currently the focus of the news… 958 more words


NY Success Academies Is Relying on TFA-Spinoff, TNTP, to Fill Teaching Vacancies

On June 12, 2018, Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academies (SA) posted this job ad for middle school math and science teachers. Moskowitz is using Teach for America (TFA) spinoff org, The New Teacher Project (now known simply as TNTP) to “run the hiring process” in order to fill those teacher vacancies. 622 more words


NY: Moskowitz Plans to Boost Number of Success Academy Grads a Hundredfold by 2028. Um.

On June 07, 2018, NY-based Success Academies (SA) graduated its first senior class: 16 students.

SA was the brainchild of hedge funders Joel Greenblatt and John Petry. 1,152 more words


An Anecdotal Offering for Betsy DeVos (MAGA Hat Optional)

In her speeches, US ed sec Betsy DeVos likes to include anecdotes, but not just any anecdotes: DeVos’ selections always highlight school choice as an unfailing solution. 812 more words


Mom Catches Two School Employees Mistreating Autistic Son on Tape; School Responds

I have young relatives who are autistic. I spoke with one today, a nephew. It is his birthday.

He has difficulty holding a fluid conversation over the phone. 683 more words


NOLA's Cypress Academy Charter School Rescued by (Wait for It) Local School Board

On May 22, 2018, I wrote a post entitled, “The Walmart-ization of Charter Schools: Goodbye, Little Fish,” about a small New Orleans charter school, Cypress Academy, that caught its parents completely off guard by announcing during the last week of school that the charter would be closing, not outright, but in a back-door way by being absorbed into a New Orleans charter chain operated by Choice Foundation. 1,195 more words


The Walmart-ization of Charter Schools: Goodbye, Little Fish.

If you plan on operating a small charter school– one that defies the market principal of scaling, of becoming part of a charter chain– then take a hint from… 1,930 more words