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Visions of Mary (10): Lifted

Gothic architecture lifts us heavenward. Even if God isn’t “up” above, Chartres Cathedral’ moves us towards God’s Presence.

My prayer
For the gifts created by those who loved You, and loved to design and build cathedrals, I give thanks! 191 more words

Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral: Sacred Geometry

St.Bernard of Clairvaux, the patron saint of the Knights Templar, clearly regarded their architectural skills with much praise, and was particularly impressed by their soaring roofs and arches… With their distinguishing features of Gothic architecture as expressed at Chartres Cathedral and other 12th century French Cathedral’s. 275 more words


Visions of Mary (9): Devotion

A French ecumenical group that studied Mary suggests that if you are Protestant, it may be helpful to ask Jesus to further introduce you His mother. 272 more words


Visions of Mary (8): Wrapped in Love

Love is communicated through touch, color, word, symbol, even fabric. Imagine the love baby Jesus felt wrapped up in Mary’s “veil,” held securely next to her warm body and beating heart. 235 more words


Visions of Mary (7): Really?

When caught by complete surprise, I often wonder, “God, are you in this?!” I rarely predict how God is going to manifest in my life. 296 more words


Visions of Mary (6): Questioning

The Annunciation (Luke 1:26-38) of Jesus’ birth by Gabriel didn’t make sense to Mary. She wanted to understand, so she asked a question. Our faith grows stronger when we engage with God honestly. 250 more words


Visions of Mary (5): Mary's Example

Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) wrote, “…never forget the example of Mary’s life.” How does (or how can) the example of Mary’s life inspire you?

My prayer: 240 more words