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ON THIS DAY: October 24, 2016

October 24th is

CSPI Food Day *

Through-the-Lens Day *

International United Nations Day *

World Development Information Day *


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French Gothic Sculpture

The greatest achievement of French medieval art, even greater than the architecture of the medieval cathedrals, was the sculpture which slowly evolved from Romanesque types. The monks of… 2,130 more words

Gothic Art

What Is Going On? The Noah Window at Chartres (11)

When we find ourselves in the midst of new situations that don’t make complete sense, we have to figure out ways to test the waters. Noah did it with a dove, in these unsettled times we need to find our own solutions. 281 more words

Chartres Cathedral

More Victims: The Noah Window at Chartres (10)

There is so much violence in our world. So much death. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I’m sure we all do.

My Prayer

God, when things seem too much, help me not to shut down. 173 more words

Chartres Cathedral

French Gothic Cathedrals

All the French gothic cathedrals were stripped of their liturgical furniture, altars, images and choirs during the time of the Revolution, but the buildings remained intact. 1,343 more words

Gothic Art

The Victims: The Noah Window at Chartres (9)

When I look at the images of the victims of the flood, my heart and mind turn to the victims of the recent atrocities around our globe. 202 more words

Chartres Cathedral

Noah's Ark Floating on the Waters: The Noah Window at Chartres (8)

In these very troubled times, it is easy to understand God’s discouragement with humanity. I am grateful that God has never been so disheartened as to give up. 269 more words

Chartres Cathedral