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Chartres Cathedral

This week’s project is a simple papercraft of the Chartres Cathedral. I wanted something simple and portable to work on at the library’s biweekly crafting meetup. 152 more words

Papercraft It

Chartres Cathedral: The Labyrinth

As one gazes upon the beauty of the gothic styled Chartres Cathedral, built in 12th century France.  One asks what mysteries, what holy designs, will one find? 402 more words


The cathedrals of northern France part 9: Chartres, part 2

At the climax of Fritz Lang’s 1925 classic, Metropolis, the mad scientist villain kidnaps the heroine and climbs to the top of the city’s cathedral, dangling precipitously over the narrow walkway at the edge of the roof. 1,008 more words

Lovely vistas in the Loire Valley

So, after my long lay-off, it’s back to the high-minded business of being a traveller, and it doesn’t come much loftier than the Loire Valley! For example, the vaulted ceiling above the apse of Chartres Cathedral. 682 more words


World Labyrinth Day 2017 - May 6th, 1 pm

From the Blog My Maze site:

Again you are invited from The Labyrinth Society to celebrate the World Labyrinth Day: Celebrate the eighth annual World Labyrinth Day (WLD) on Saturday, May 6, 2017!

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The cathedrals of northern France part 8: Chartres

You can never know what an experience will be like until you have it. You can read about Chartres and see the photos. And you can visit other cathedrals, as we have on this trip. 1,326 more words

Knights Templar: Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral (Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres), a medieval Catholic cathedral, constructed in a Gothic style.  It stands in all its glory, dominating the skyline of the medieval French town of Chartres, some eighty kilometres south of Paris. 1,638 more words