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The Chartres Labyrinth and Mary (3)

Walking with friends through life helps to ground me. Being able to share what God is doing in our lives is a source of deep peace and encouragement. 316 more words


The Chartres Labyrinth and Mary (2)

I am often surprised by what God communicates while I move on a labyrinth. While walking in God’s presence, it seems easy, even natural, to accept what I “hear.” This is one of the great gifts of praying while using a labyrinth, the turning path seems to support fluidity in me. 437 more words


The Chartres Labyrinth and Mary (1)

While walking and praying the labyrinth in Chartres, images of Mary have reminded me of God’s love. In the coming days and weeks I will be sharing a variety of these depictions of Jesus’ mother with you. 403 more words



(updated from a posting in August, 2011)

Tucked away on a quiet summer day – August 6 – is something known on our liturgical calendar as… 335 more words

Sonya Subbayya Sutton

Looking forward to the past

This week’s Iconic Buildings on Radio National’s Blueprint for Living highlights the wonder of Chartres cathedral (see here). I mention the recent contentious restoration of its internal painted walls which supposedly takes them back to the original colouring of the mid-1200s. 837 more words


God and the Garden in Eden: The Ensemble at Chartres

I miss so much of what surrounds me unless I look around–and up!

My prayer

Creator, Your story is everywhere, and often nearer than I am aware. 411 more words


Hands of the Creator

Of course God doesn’t have hands. But if God did, they would be big and strong enough to hold and bless everything all at once. Thinking about God’s hands makes me feel safe and secure. 418 more words