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Labyrinth Prayer in the Chartres Cathedral

Labyrinth prayer is one of the elements of the Retraite Cathédrale held in Chartres, France each Spring. Most of the participants have never experienced walking a labyrinth before. 178 more words


Visual Meditation At Chartres: Ignatian Application of the Senses

During the Retraite Cathédrale (Cathedral Retreat) held in Chartres each April, biblical texts and corresponding images from the cathedral are offered for contemplation during periods of personal prayer as retreatants follow the Exercise of Ignatius of Loyola. 138 more words


Thursday Doors: Chartres (encore)

This week’s contribution was actually inspired by last week’s post from Geriatri’x’ Fotogallery, which showed a range of open doors. After all, who said the door had to be closed? 56 more words

How Architecture Affects Your Brain (Reasons to Spend More Time at Church or in a Library)

Emily von Hoffmann, CityLab journalist for The Atlantic, had a long conversation with Dr. Julio Bermúdez, the director of a new study that uses neuroimaginery methods — basically, MRIs — to capture the effects of architecture on the human brain. 278 more words

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Michael Weighing Souls: The West Rose Window At Chartes (10)

Every culture acknowledges that what we do matters. Taking time to consider on how I have acted in the past helps me to live with greater integrity and love. 300 more words

Chartres Cathedral

Apostles: The West Rose Window At Chartes (9)

The twelve Apostles sit, two by two, on either side of Christ. Their hands to direct attention to their Center, the Center of All. How will I use my hands to draw others to God today? 254 more words

Chartres Cathedral

The Eyes of the Cherubim: The West Rose Window At Chartes (8)

As a child, I feared God’s ability to see everything I did. As an adult, I am grateful that God not only sees, but also knows everything. 214 more words

Chartres Cathedral