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When Things Change: The West Capital Frieze at Chartres (3)

Anne and Joachim came together after the angel’s message that they would have a daughter.* Life followed barrenness. I find it helpful to remember that things can change–even in the most unlikely of situations. 228 more words

Chartres Cathedral

Needing To Think Things Over: The West Capital Frieze at Chartres (2)

After Joachim and Anne left the Temple*, they turn away from each other. Each carries the burden of grief alone.

Joachim went back to his sheep in the fields. 340 more words

Chartres Cathedral

The Pain of Infertility: The West Capital Frieze at Chartres

There is an extra-biblical story about Mary’s parents. They went to the temple to make an offering, but because of their infertility, it was not accepted. 189 more words

Chartres Cathedral

What if Chartres Cathedral Had Been Destroyed in WWII?

I’ve often heard about an American military man who risked his life to save the Chartres Cathedral from being bombed at the end of the second world war. 564 more words

Chartres Cathedral

Seeing the Whole

When viewing a building–or a person–glimpses that hold the inside and the outside together bring greater understanding and appreciation. May I look for the whole without being distracted by what I can easily perceive. 107 more words


Eight Days on Retreat in Chartres: La Retraite Cathédrale 2016

Participants come to the Retraite Cathédrale in Chartres seeking renewal and a deeper experience of the love of God.

Table conversation

The Ecumenical Chapel

Notes for the retreatants… 282 more words


Labyrinth Prayer in the Chartres Cathedral

Labyrinth prayer is one of the elements of the Retraite Cathédrale held in Chartres, France each Spring. Most of the participants have never experienced walking a labyrinth before. 178 more words