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Chasing Ice: Inspirational, Impactful, Admirable

Both of the films I watched these past weeks are beautifully inspiring. I watched Watermark and Chasing Ice. To my surprise I was completely intrigued by the journey of James Balog and his documenting of the glaciers. 265 more words

The Effect of James Balog

In my senior year of high school, I vividly remember watching the documentary “Chasing Ice,” which followed one man and his team tracking the retreat of glaciers through time-lapse photography. 390 more words

James Balog and geologic-scale change

“We are in the midst of geologic-scale change, and we humans are causing it.”

James Balog says this during Chasing Ice, a masterpiece of filmmaking and science. 165 more words


What We’re Watching: “Chasing Ice”

For the month of December we decided to watch Chasing Ice, a 2012 award winning documentary about the effects of climate change. The film made its first TV debut on National Geographic and since then have been screened in over 172 countries. 316 more words


3 eco-documentaries on my list (even though they'll devibe my vibe)

Few of us need convincing that our planet is in peril (well, except….there’s that guy in the White House). The picture is often painted in broad strokes though. 164 more words

Towards Zero Waste

Film Review: Chasing Coral @ Sundance London 2017

★★★★☆ – Chasing Coral is a disturbing insight into the world of coral bleaching, and the disastrous consequences of global warming on our planet.

A heart-wrenching documentary on humans’ impact on the natural world, Jeff Orlowski reveals in painstaking detail the life and death of corals in a modern climate, and consequentially, their disappearance from our oceans. 588 more words