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3 eco-documentaries on my list (even though they'll devibe my vibe)

Few of us need convincing that our planet is in peril (well, except….there’s that guy in the White House). The picture is often painted in broad strokes though. 164 more words

Towards Zero Waste

Film Review: Chasing Coral @ Sundance London 2017

★★★★☆ – Chasing Coral is a disturbing insight into the world of coral bleaching, and the disastrous consequences of global warming on our planet.

A heart-wrenching documentary on humans’ impact on the natural world, Jeff Orlowski reveals in painstaking detail the life and death of corals in a modern climate, and consequentially, their disappearance from our oceans. 588 more words


Review: Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral is a 2017 Sundance Documentary about coral bleaching due to the emission of fossil fuels. This is a film that I expected very little of since I am not one to jump on watching documentaries… until now. 761 more words

Movie Review

Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice is an interesting movie, James Balog showcases what is going on with the Greenland using special cameras that are timed using an intervalometer so he can timelapse the entire country of Greenland while also persuading the belife that Climate change is real and what not. 211 more words


Chasing Ice

In the movie Chasing Ice, James Balog is out in northern part of the hemisphere to observe the glaciers for global warming and to understand about climate in the areas. 87 more words

Chasing Ice

Aside from the beautiful imagery, I found this film inspirational and educational. It was inspiring to see James Balog’s passion for his work in capturing the recession of glaciers. 72 more words