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On giant buttocks.....Turner Prize 65/100

London has a gigantic pair of buttocks. Can any other city make this claim? I think not. My work here is done.

Oh, but I love all you dear readers so much, and I know you must have many questions….like, what has our London Passion done to deserve to be standing with giant buttocks? 1,003 more words

Since the time of the Enlightenment, if not already long before, we have been victims of a form of self-illusion of a steadily growing humanity which has freed itself from the shackles of the past and approaches a glorious future where rationality, logic, and tolerance dominate.

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As the common argument goes, Columbus’ journey across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492 was a bold move in clear challenge to those who believed that the Earth was flat, so he proved for once and all that the theory was wrong.

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Lobotomize! It's The Only Way

This is Trump as he sees himself – the only human who can save America. Here he is fighting off all those evil immigrants! ( notice the comb over) 887 more words

The truth about chastity belts is that they are largely a fiction constructed in the Renaissance and Early Modern periods in order to conjure a more “barbaric” middle age that had come previously.

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