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Past Imperfect - #354

It was a Sisterhood Rule understood by all conscientious women: If you suddenly realize that everyone in your entourage has failed miserably with their coiffures for the day, you must divert attention from your follicular tragedies by engaging in inexplicable behavior. 84 more words


Ramen Gruel

Do you remember when every can of Pork & Beans contained one or two tiny cubes of a white, tofu-looking substance? Supposedly, this was “The Pork” responsible for top billing in the product’s name. 242 more words


What's With All The Hair?

Here’s a question for everyone – What’s with the long hair?  Watching television, almost every woman has long, long hair.  I mean hair that is halfway down her back.  473 more words

Chastity belts to protect the Missouri legislature?

This little article conjured up a vision of all interns at the Missouri legislature being required to wear chastity belts.


The Missouri legislature would like to continue its internship program despite the program being marred by the recent sexual harassment of interns.

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Past Imperfect - #285

Edmund: “Here we go, love. Smile for the cameraman.”

Millie: “I’m so excited to be going on our honeymoon!”

Edmund: “Me as well. We finally get to consummate our relationship, my poodle.” 293 more words