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Musician Chris Cornell on process of turning blank paper into song for movie

The music in a movie can really drive its emotion.

FOX 4’s Shawn Edwards chats with musician Chris Cornell who wrote a song that is the perfect companion piece, in its storytelling and emotion for the movie “The Promise.” 21 more words


Charlotte Le Bon and Angela Sarafyan reveal favorite place they filmed when working on "The Promise"

Imagine if your work took you to the forests of Spain, or the island country of Malta. That’s where crews shot the new film “The Promise.” 42 more words


Mckenna Grace shows off new front teeth and big personality when chatting with FOX 4

FOX 4’s Russ Simmons got a chance to sit down with the stars of the new film “Gifted,” described by IMDB as the heart-wrenching tale of “Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, drawn into a custody battle with his mother.” 71 more words


Christian Bale says intent of "The Promise" is to enlighten people of genocide

“The Promise” follows a love triangle between Michael, a brilliant medical student, the sophisticated Ana, and an american journalist named Chris.

FOX 4’s Shawn Edwards traveled back to the Ottoman Empire to talk with Christian Bale, who said proceeds from the film will go to charities that help bring awareness to genocides and provide proof so those responsible can be held accountable. 20 more words


Octavia Spencer on working with children and animals

Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer shows off her natural gift in a new movie about a single man, raising a child prodigy.

FOX 4’s Russ Simmons chats with the star who shared why she doesn’t mind working with child actors. 23 more words


Ariel Winter makes "Smurfs" cast feel old when talking about first memory of franchise

The Smurfs franchise dates back to the early 80s but 19-year-old actress Ariel Winter was not alive to see the shows as they aired on television for the first time. 69 more words


If Demi Lovato and Joe Manganiello had smurf names, this is what they'd be

Demi Lovato and Joe Manganiello star in the first fully animated Smurfs movie.

FOX 4’s Shawn Edwards recently sat down with the stars to find out what it was like working on the movie and if they could choose, what their smurf name would be. 24 more words