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Summary: "The Knight's Tale"

During this university term, I have been reading a selection of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, and I thought it might be nice to share a few summaries of them. 1,437 more words

Short Story

The Legenda Aurea and its International Impact - Ágota U.

The fourth assignment of the Italian group deals with the legend of the Roman martyr, Saint Cecilia, and how the story had international impact through Geoffrey Chaucer’s work (he retold it in his  637 more words


Cliche Stories

“I don’t like her name,” I said flatly.

“Huh?” Mom said.

“Charlotte. A nice name by itself, but you know we are going to end up calling her Char like Kathy did. 258 more words


Pluto and Januarie

A short paper on the mirroring of Januarie and Pluto and The Merchant’s Tale, with class discussion.


Madonna/Whore: May and Nora

This post is really  a stimulus for my sixth formers to look more closely into this idea.

As we read A Doll’s House and The Merchant’s Tale, we need to explore a range of contexts to link the two works. 1,901 more words

Links: ADH and TMT setting ideas

The Upper 6th are considering ways in which to link ADH and TMT. This PDF begins their thinking about the use of setting (locus) in the two texts….

setting pdf