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On Annotations

My name is Ellie, and I am a Book Mangler.

These are but modest examples of my spine-snapping tendencies, the unrelenting proliferation of Post-It notes in my books. 526 more words


Satirical Poem off Canterbury Tales

Chaucer is not trite in his aggrandizement of the saints
The Monk adorned in fox fur and goose down garb
His cheeks, rosey and pink, beaming in a splendid fruition: 94 more words


April Fool

Non-jokes on April Fool’s Day

Nun’s Priest’s Tale source

Faadosly Polir is the older brother of Lofa Polir. You may recall he invented new ways to apply powerful mathematical techniques to prove trivial theorems, and she once… 1,250 more words

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Life: Purpose and Goals

Life: Purpose and Goals
Lent 43

Today is April 1st. It is a day commonly known for its jokes and pranks. In Canada, Brazil, Australia, the European continent and the United States of America, April Fools’ Day is a day set aside for the playing of pranks and telling jokes. 1,002 more words

The Condoleezza Tales

What better way to welcome April than with a satirical poem that takes place in that lovely and tempestuous month? I wrote it in 2004, and the anti-war site… 557 more words


Sunday Cliche is Back!

Were we all going through withdrawal? How did we ever make it two weeks not knowing where our over-used phrases came from? This week’s edition is brought to you from my medical terminology class and is all about…..gambling? 572 more words

An Inspiring Thing Happened on the Way to the Panel

Conferences are always a good time for a lot of reasons, but one of my favorites is getting inspiration, both academic and personal. Two weekends ago, I attended the Medieval Academy of America’s annual conference held this year at the University of Notre Dame. 820 more words