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The Secret Behind the Art of Painting the Past

Painters employ color, light, and shadow. Writers use small, standardized black marks set against a white background. Yet these marks can inspire, condemn, evoke tears, laughter, anger, or regret. 1,283 more words


Three Photos

A subject with which I am familiar?

Alrighty. I studied a lot of things, and read up on more purely because I can. Even so… today, you guys get to imagine with me three photos based on Middle English literature. 455 more words


Deciphering Middle English

This is probably quite a boring subject to some, but as a student of writing, I’m fascinated with words and their origins and meanings.

Three years ago I took a class called Graduate Studies in English Language. 596 more words

Become a Better You with Boethius (and Alfred the Great)

I love reading medieval self-help books (or “mirrors for princes” – as scholars call them) like Secreta Secratorum and The Consolation of Philosophy. Both are great, but the one I spend the most time with is Boethius’ … 652 more words

Medieval Poetry

Canterbury wending

What defines a pilgrimage?

Last week the lecturer for a course I’m studying on medieval England and its journeys suggested that we take a day-trip to Canterbury if we had time, so I did. 894 more words

Books Of Interest


People who read each other’s blogs sometimes make the mistake of thinking they know each other pretty well.  But blogs are deceiving.  What a blogger omits gets left out of the picture. 967 more words

Getting Old

Day 25: I Finally Did It!

Okay… yikes. So yesterday I finally made it through the scene. Holy crap. I didn’t think I’d ever get there, but I finally did. And now I feel so relieved! 242 more words

Learning Experience