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The Mixture

My seventeen year old daughter has an intellectual disability. In some ways, she is a five-year-old. And a two-year-old. And a twelve-year-old. And, really, she is also a teenager with hormones and growth spurts and all the fun stuff that comes with adolescence. 409 more words

Resources (Literature and Beyond)

Okay, so this is my first full week teaching…exhausting. But exhilarating as well! I’m blessed to teach what I love. And when you teach what you love, you LOVE finding great resources. 79 more words

Golden Square Flowers

Golden Square Flowers

Caroline Pollard, the 53rd child to enter the Freemasons’ School, was the daughter of George and Susannah. She was born in Bromley St Leonards in 1788 and baptised at St Mary’s on 11th July 1790. 1,418 more words

Past Pupils

galaxy – lettuce


Milky Way: Wikimedia CommonsForest Wander
lettuce: Wikimedia Commons



The noun galaxy is from post-classical Latin galaxias, denoting the Milky Way, from Hellenistic Greek γαλαξίας (= galaxias), short for γαλαξίας κύκλος (= galaxias kuklos), milky circle, from ancient Greek γάλα/γαλακτ- (= gala/galakt-), milk. 332 more words


14-08. Chaucer's Forgotten Pilgrims.

From the original Middle English:

“A telephon sanitiser ther was
And shonne did his fone brighte.”


piping hot


Piping Hot – Glasgow International Piping Festival. (The name has changed to Piping Live.) It is a pun, as, here, piping means playing (a tune) on bagpipes. 339 more words


Patience is a Virtue

An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2016

Patience is a virtue. At least that’s what they say. You might think Geoffrey Chaucer in The Canterbury Tales first used the saying. 297 more words