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Kept with Fonder a Care

Ever think about all the art that has been lost? Beowulf comes out of an oral tradition of scops singing from a trove of texts. We have this manuscript, which fortunately survived the fitting-yet-sad fire at Ashburnham House, but what about all the other poems? 831 more words



It’s no problem staying out past 9 p.m. on a weeknight if it is because you’ve spent the past two hours at book club. Being able to participate in and to listen to the discussion is a joy. 192 more words

origin of ‘according to Cocker’


engraving from The Pen’s Triumph: being a Copy-Book (London, 1658), “Inuented, Written, and Engrauen” by Edward Cocker





according to Cocker: correctly… 1,135 more words


Chaucer, The General Prologue

“The General Prologue as a microcosm of the medieval world”

The idea of a pilgrimage as a framework for the tales lends Chaucer the device to represent ensembles of almost all kinds of occupations practiced, and, by extension, other aspects of medieval life in his time. 468 more words


bygynneth the booke

Just a snapshot of the top five news articles greeting me and my morning coffee as I woke up. Police shot an Australian woman in Minneapolis; our new Home Affairs Minister is Peter Dutton; Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin come home after 75 years buried in a glacier; scientists establish that T-rex could only run at 18kph; the ‘model Khulood’ arrested for wearing a short skirt in Riyadh; 547 German choirboys were abused by Catholic priests between 1945 and 1990. 736 more words


origin of ‘castles in Spain’


photograph: pixabay



The phrase to build castles in the air, or in Spain, means to form unattainable projects.

While castles in the air… 820 more words


Sceptical Thomas, Shocked Thomas, Sad Thomas

By Paul Megna, The University of Western Australia

On a recent trip to London, I did the touristy thing and visited the monumental Westminster Abbey to pay homage to the tomb of Geoffrey Chaucer as well as various other landmarks of English literature and medieval history. 1,854 more words