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Che Guevara: El único hombre práctico

Cuba Debate
22 junio 2017

Ponencia presentada por el intelectual cubano, recientemente fallecido, Fernando Martínez Heredia en el seminario El Socialismo y el hombre en Cuba: emancipación y justicia… 3,243 more words

Che Guevara

Smokes and smokescreens in Cuba

13,5 hours. That is the duration of a direct flight from Istanbul to Havana with Turkish Airlines. 13,5 hours of twisting and turning, half watching the same movies on the entertainment system, and squeezing my nose to the window to experience the lights of the islands thousands of meters below as the sunrise explodes with the light and many Caribbean islands spread across the turquoise ocean. 1,791 more words


The Colloquium, Episode V: Only a Man, Part I

If you have ever attended college, or lived within fifty miles of one, chances are you have seen the image captured in this week’s header. To be certain, the image is one of the most well-known portraits in history, and has become as intrinsic a part of the college scene today as textbooks and alcohol. 2,823 more words


Trump Cancels Obama's Cuba Deal. Pro-Communism/Fascism Liberals Upset.

“She is Cuba. If you want to love her, you have to be with her, but you can’t be with her in her current state. It’s the point of view of all exiles – you have to leave the thing you cherish most.” – Andy Garcia…

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The mafia in the Havanan

One of the major temples of the power of the mafia placed in Cuba in the 40s.

Incomprehensibly, Cuba, it has not centred on this dark but historical and exciting past of the Caribbean island. 762 more words


Profiles in Weirdness: I Was A Foosball Anarchist

In 1936, an Anarchist militiaman named Alejandro Finisterre, wounded and left lame by a Fascist bomb during the Revolutionary Catalonia phase of the Spanish Civil War convalesced outside of Barçelona. 559 more words