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Age of Innocence - 1967, Che Guevara, Torrey Canyon and Francis Chichester

1967 was a quiet and uneventful at home and seemed to slip by almost unnoticed but elsewhere there were some important news stories.

I suppose that one of the biggest news events of the year occurred in Peru, South America, when in October a 1960s icon died at the hands of a firing squad.  854 more words


Feminism, government, poll numbers, and a true new rebel

Few individuals have more sound logic than feminists.


But no feminists have more sound arguments than Kommissar Big Red!

Remember comrades, individual citizens can’t be trusted to control their own lives. 62 more words


Mahatma Gandhi & Che Guevara

Street art in Wicker Park, hipster Chicago neighborhood, looks nice and has deeper meaning.  The same painting has Gandhi with humble peaceful smile and Che looking determined to use all necessary means to achieve his goals. 67 more words

Genre Of Candid Photography Of Strangers

Inside the "Bolivarian Circles"

We’ve been looking at some of Venezuela’s more prominent chavista creeps. But no account of useful stooges in that poor put-upon country would be complete without a mention of the so-called “Bolivarian Circles.” In 2001, the year they were founded, … 386 more words


tracing the revolution: #2 Comandancia de la Plata

‘Condemn me if you will,’ Castro famously said in a speech during his trial. ‘History will absolve me.’ His being given a trial at all is testament to the influence he already wielded. 305 more words

tracing the revolution: Cuartel Moncada

On 8 January 1959, Castro and his compañeros blazed through the streets of Havana, bringing the Cuban Revolution to a euphoric finale. But their trail can still be seen today, mapped spatially throughout the island nation. 346 more words