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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eight

Mayflower, Michigan 18 September 2015

Ivan heard a familiar tune and poked his head up. He was sitting with his hood over his head as the wagon headed west, towards the Midwestern Amish White Persons Reservation, known as the ‘Rez’ to the locals. 1,564 more words


Sean Penn's "INTO THE WILD" and what it tells us about culture and the Left.


“Into the Wild” is one of the better films of recent years, but it’s not without considerable problems. Sean Penn is an able director and has an eye for nice details but lacks a sure-footed personal vision or style characteristic of the great ‘auteurs’. 3,852 more words

Dos Alas

Another stop on our Jane’s Walk tour.

The Dos Alas Mural was created in 1999 by the Ricanstruction Network and the members of the youth organization Puerto Rico Collective.   18 more words


Amos Yee Vigil

 Amos Yee Vigil

Vigil comes from the latin word, vigilia meaning wakefulness or an observance.

Yesterday, about 50 individuals turned up at Hong Lim Park (where else right?)  to attend an Amos Yee Vigil to show their solidarity before he is being sentenced. 271 more words


Parsippany Hills grad earns victory in pro jiu-jitsu debut

NEW YORK – Dillon Danis can still remember his first fight. There was no ring, cage or circle. Just a scrawny boy and a classmate at Brooklawn Middle School who had been picking on him. 804 more words


'Class warfare!' Jonah Goldberg spots some glorious 'cognitive dissonance' [photo]

OK, this is too perfect:

Nothing says revolutionary chic like an E-Class Mercedes with a "Che" license plate. pic.twitter.com/HG7pzhZ3SD

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) May 7, 2015…

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US Politics

Cuban Art

Cuba is full of art. Street art, gallery art, acrylic, oil, pencil, watercolour, recycled material… Anything and everything is used, and the art you see is simply spectacular. 370 more words