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The Bolivian Diary: Authorized Edition-Ernesto Che Guevara

October 8, 2017 will mark 50 years since Ernesto “Che” Guevara died in the jungles of Bolivia as he attempted to spread revolutionary ideology throughout Latin America.  503 more words

25 Agosto 2016

I couldn’t leave Cuba without sharing this incredibly awful Che Guevara mural with you!

Hannah Cauhepe

The Cuban connection

Earlier, we’ve featured this Fidel mural in the Basque Country. Now, here’s a pair of (not that Basque related) murals in Havana – a few doves with Cuban flags above and a cat next to a lamp below. 166 more words


This ae nighte, this ae nighte...

OK, so I grew up with Tolkein.  On the bedrooms walls of most of my fellow students, wedged between the one of Che in a beret and the one of the man with the very long legs striding above the legend… 794 more words


Summer moments

SATURDAY MORNING, yesterday, and Elvis is crooning love songs on the living room’s music machine.

The far edge of July.

I was communicating via email at dawn with my friend… 275 more words


On the Bernie or Bust Movement...

Watching Bernie Sanders throw in the towel, endorse Hillary Clinton, and plead his followers for party unity at the Democratic National Convention has left a lot of folks feeling… 1,056 more words

Icons within Chicano and Chicana Art

This entry will focus on three overlapping and reoccurring iconic themes that appear in Chicano and Chicana art: ancestral emblems, Catholic Church symbols, and figures from popular culture. 933 more words