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Handmade Bracelets and Necklaces

Shopping in today’s digital and computerized era has been made fast, simple and enjoyable. People no longer move from shop to shop looking for stuff to buy, but instead just browse through shop catalogues and choose through the many brands and assorted prices visible just by a click. 207 more words

Cheap Costume Jewelry

What is Costume Jewelry?

Cheap Costume jewelry refers to jewelry that is skillfully crafted using inexpensive metals and imitations of precious stones. Originally utilized as props, this type of jewelry originated on stage sets. 258 more words

Cheap Costume Jewelry

affordable yet fancy jewelry

No doubt, piercings are quite the eye-catcher.

I myself have a couple of ear piercings that look especially nice when I wear my hair in a tail or a bun (though this doesn’t happen too often to be honest). 260 more words

The Advantages of Using Snap Jewelry

It is a fact that we like to wear the jewelry articles by fusing with our best designed clothes and creating a different combination of jewelry articles with unique designs makes an exclusive fashion statement. 382 more words

Diy Crafts

Good Prices and Even Better Discounts on Costume Jewelry at Beadazzleme


Buying handmade bead jewelry does not have to be a problem whatsoever. This is at least the case with Beadazzleme.com is still in business. This online store has taken over the world of jewelry with their amazing products and impossibly good prices. 211 more words

Cheap Costume Jewelry

Bead jewelry- simple yet elegant way to make a fashion statement

It is common knowledge that you can never go wrong with beads. Throw on a red bead bracelet and run along to the shopping mall or bead necklace and go to work. 219 more words

Cheap Costume Jewelry

Fashion Icons Show You Wearing as Charming as Barbie Doll

By my side, there are many friends who have predilection for pink, they are fond of the youthful and lovely sense that the pink throw off and willing to own the pink fashion item or even the pink… 245 more words

Cheap Jewelry