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To be a mysterious girl with a story

Coin necklace recently swept the fashion circle, this special meaning of the pendant itself with a mysterious color, may be a record of ancient civilization, there may be a talisman symbol of the coins … there may be the beginning of the edge of marriage. 355 more words

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Women's Beauty by N. // Bijoux à petits prix

J’ai récemment découvert la page Facebook de la boutique en ligne Women’s Beauty by N., entièrement dédiée aux bijoux. Nadine Etheve, fondatrice de cet e-shop m’a envoyé  trois articles tendances. 157 more words


Strong return to the fashion industry - the Straw bag

Many girls for a brand-name bags to live frugally .in fact, they don’t do that to catch the fashion .the real fashionable talent will not do so, whatever bags in their body is like a big brand . 405 more words

Teach you how to choose their own jewelry

Jewelry, has always been women’s important ornament, a very simple dress will has taken place a great for the choice of jewelry . I think, how to choose their own suitable jewelry is a great knowledge. 450 more words

The art of inlaid gemstones

We Can’t imagine, jewelry won’t wear in people’s neck, wrist and fingers with mosaic process. In order to make jewelry vividly become a work of art, a lot of… 408 more words

A piece of jewelry always follow you

With the popularity of mobile phones ,the development of mobile accessories around the mobile phone has raised.

as a mobile phone shell is always follow you as a… 350 more words

We offer you Online Cheap Jewelry Sets Shopping

Online shopping for everything’s in latest and traditional fashion jewelry sets and single jewelry is available at cheap to high range as per your budget. We provide you best quality of jewelry. 484 more words

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