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We’ve all been there. Sat at work on a spectacularly boring day, gazing out the window and dreaming about moving somewhere less resolutely meh. 2,149 more words

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My winter home in North Carolina is for sale. It’s been triply blessed by a feng shui master (me!) and is listed with Andy Leung of Keller Williams… 68 more words

Feng Shui

I Submitted My Resignation

*Whoa whoa whoa, this was back when I quit staff nursing in 2015. I’m now a travel nurse and much, much happier.*

I have a terrible habit of tolerating tolerating tolerating something until I can’t handle it anymore, then I explode. 1,491 more words

New Life Resolutions

It’s nearly the end of the year and you know what that means! Christmas? God, no, it’s time to clean up the finances! Jk, that’s been going on since January 1. 2,396 more words


Have you heard of Patagonia? Not the stores or businesses, but the place. THE PLACE! It’s pretty awesome, actually. Located at the very southern tip of South America, it includes several places, like Argentina, Chile, and some of the Andes Mountains. 416 more words

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A guide to buying on Carousell

Why Carousell?

In my time in Hong Kong, there is one place that has quickly become my go to if I want to buy something on the cheap. 498 more words

Hong Kong

Ghetto apartment?

My partner’s reaction to me asking. What do you think, should I put in an interest on xxxx? -No, you are not. Absolutely not. Haha. It’s the ghetto in my hometown. 238 more words

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