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5 Reasons Not all Drifter Bums are Created Equal. Some move fast, some move slow

You see regular bums who may hang around cities for years on end. While, there are other kinds of bums who may only spend a few days in a city before they are off to the next one. 312 more words

Photo of the week #3

Lately I have been slacking on the picture taking, mainly do to adjusting to life in a travel trailer. 

For the first week of living in our trailer, we had a quite spot along Whychus Creek in the Three Sisters Wilderness of Oregon. 83 more words


From Canada to the Caymans!

I’m having one of those “where do we begin?” moments because I feel like we’ve done so much in the past month. We’ve gone on weekend and weeklong adventures, we’ve had family in town and not to mention…real life is still happening so there’s work and daily mundane mixed in somewhere in between. 1,116 more words


Nooooo! Not the Bellini!

This morning I decided to try a new tmx recipe and make chocolate yogo. For those that don’t know what it is, it’s sort of like chocolate custard. 506 more words

The Beginning - A full time experience

Hi there!

We have been staying in our tiny home just on the weekends since April 2015. We are finally all moved in, full time, and are ready to start our adventure. 207 more words


Home sweet home!

When Jason and I found out I was pregnant we thought we would have to settle down again and give up traveling for a bit. Turns out we won’t have to! 343 more words


Cheap doesn't always mean savings

Yesterday my dishwasher broke. Not only did it break, it flooded the kitchen. I was devastated. We can’t afford a plumber and the dishes are my most hated chore – I’d seriously rather clean the toilet. 698 more words