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How I survived on £900 a month in London

Sound impossible, right? It near enough is, when you can’t live with your boyfriend, and don’t want to share a room with some stranger (Jesus Christ, never, ever, just no. 2,196 more words

Cheap London


I have 3 kids, one is a teenage boy, one is a vegetarian and the other is just picky. Like, super picky about textures. Oh, and a husband that is allergic to milk and wheat. 208 more words

Living On The Road: Budget

Let’s start with money.

For some people they think about a budget to live off of towards the beginning of their plans to live on the road. 384 more words

Student eating

As you have all already gathered, I am a student. I am also a student in one of the UK’s most expensive cities meaning I run on a tight budget. 871 more words


Self-Sufficiency: what brews when you stop owing people money

Christmas is almost here, which means it’s almost past, which means it’s almost time to plan my garden! <3

I’ve always been pretty down to earth. 895 more words

Vancouver living

One Saturday in late November, after more than a month of almost daily rainfall in which I somehow managed to buy and loose three umbrellas, it finally happens: The sun is shining even though it is a weekend. 1,280 more words

Working Holiday

London On A Budget

Some assume that…

traveling is impossible due to the crazy costs of accommodations and so forth. However, after being a tired, broke, and (often) hungry college student, I have learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to penny pinching in London. 265 more words