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Staving Off The Inevitable Rot

T.J. Murphy

Summer is one of the best months for food, because all my favorite vegetables are in season along with those magical fruits that only come ripe for six seconds on the second Tuesday in June (hi cherries!). 617 more words


Affording to stay home. 

Recently a comment was made to my husband that really raised the hair on his hide. Someone said, “I don’t understand how you can afford the life you have with your wife not working.” To my husband it was an insult, to me I just think the person who said this truly doesn’t understand how we do it. 966 more words


How I survived on £900 a month in London

Sound impossible, right? It near enough is, when you can’t live with your boyfriend, and don’t want to share a room with some stranger (Jesus Christ, never, ever, just no. 2,196 more words

Cheap London


I have 3 kids, one is a teenage boy, one is a vegetarian and the other is just picky. Like, super picky about textures. Oh, and a husband that is allergic to milk and wheat. 208 more words

Living On The Road: Budget

Let’s start with money.

For some people they think about a budget to live off of towards the beginning of their plans to live on the road. 384 more words

Student eating

As you have all already gathered, I am a student. I am also a student in one of the UK’s most expensive cities meaning I run on a tight budget. 871 more words


Self-Sufficiency: what brews when you stop owing people money

Christmas is almost here, which means it’s almost past, which means it’s almost time to plan my garden! <3

I’ve always been pretty down to earth. 895 more words