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November 1 – 7  Libraries will get through times of no money better than money will you get through the times with no libraries  

Sunday – Worked all day at the side gig today and then came home to a delicious dinner of leftovers.  But before all of that I went for a run and came home to make myself a giant cup of coffee. 1,036 more words


Oct 25 – 31 Just Because It Don’t Cost A Lot, Don’t Mean It’s Cheap

Sunday – In my last post, I wrote a bit about my roots. On Sunday it was like everything I wrote manifested itself. My parents were taking my brother out to lunch for his birthday. 856 more words


Oct 18 – 24 A Forced, But Brighter Perspective

Sunday – Spent a glorious day on the couch for the most part. I did make two big meals to have for leftovers throughout the week to curb me from spending money on eating out. 1,180 more words


October 11 – 17 Helpless But Hopeful

Sunday – I wasn’t quite ready to talk about this in my last post, but I had to face it in person this past Sunday so now is probably a good time to face it on here as well. 903 more words


The concept

There’s nothing new about the idea of building a home out of shipping containers, in fact there have been and are some very well built homes out there made from shipping containers. 251 more words

Affordable Living

Oct. 4 - 10, Side Hustle So Hard

Another week of cheap living come and gone, and lemme tell y’all, I think I rocked last week. Read below for just how I saved money err’day. 802 more words


Camping with Cows

The first part of August, Jason and I spent it camped out in the Ochoco National Forest outside of Prineville Oregon. As we were driving down the dirt road we started to notice cows alongside the road. 154 more words