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You must be THIS tall to see the Minotaur

Today’s review is one for the young at heart…or, more accurately, for those actually young.

Before my arrival at the Unicorn theatre, I hadn’t quite been enlightened to the venue’s tagline: … 802 more words

Cheap Seats

How does one 'Bend it Like Beckham?'

At last, my journey of discovery into the world of London theatre – and the notion of sitting in the cheap seats – begins.

My plan to review the theatre of London and analyse the truth behind the curse (or the treat?) of… 902 more words

Cheap Seats

To Those In The Cheap Seats

This is to those of you who gave a silent cheer today, and on all my other hard days. To those of you in the cheap seats of my arena. 331 more words

The People

Tonal Refraction: Every Gig is the Same

One of the mysteries of performance is that my part in making the music is the same. Pop, jazz, polka, symphonies or trombone choir, the job is the same. 225 more words


Let Me Entertain You

by Nancy Bestor

I enjoy being entertained. And frankly, I’m easy…..when it comes to entertainment that is. I like most movies I see, and can mindlessly begin watching a television show in the middle of an episode and enjoy it. 591 more words

Travel Stories

How Greeks and Romans shaped our current stadium design

We can thank the Greeks for horseshoe-style stadiums, but we have to blame the Romans for the cheap seats. My full—and lengthy—feature on the history of stadium development explains it all. 6 more words

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A New Sequence

I recently heard from Stanford M. Forrester, editor of bottle rockets, about a submission I sent earlier this month. I sent mostly some new baseball haiku, and he liked five of them enough to ask about making them a sequence. 21 more words