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Amazon Has Become a Haven for Counterfeit Products

As Amazon continues to expand, they’ve been allowing more and more companies to sell directly to consumers. That’s great for Amazon and is part of what is driving their rapid growth. 294 more words


DIY Glass Stove Top Cleaner

The other day, after ignoring my dirty stove top for weeks, I decided it was time to bust out the rags and cleaner and cut through the dirt, grease, and grim coating my glass stove top. 350 more words


DIY Vintage Lace Up Tee

Along with my obsession with spending money on makeup, I’m also obsessed with spending money on clothes…let’s be real, I’m just obsessed with spending money in general. 499 more words

Frugal Socializing: Maintaining a Social Life on a Budget

According to The Canadian University Survey Consortium, in their 2015 annual report surveying 18,000+ graduating students from 36 Canadian universities, the average student owed $26,819 in debt! 853 more words


How To Make A Low cost And Straightforward Gourmand Wine Present Basket

Shopping for a connoisseur wine gift basket will be costly. You possibly can simply make a ravishing, customized, customized, connoisseur wine gift basket cheaply. You need to use champagne too. 956 more words

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