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diy room decor #2 +storage ideas

some people like me, have several things but just don’t know where to put them. some people like me, like diy’s, room decor etc…here are some things to help you out with those things. 267 more words


Cheap oil filter

 We have a nice oil leak here,,,,your typical customer who thinks he’s doing the right thing. You can see the oil went on to the drive belt and start spraying oil everywhere,,,,this is a N20 engine,,,,I know I have talked about this till I’m blue in the face,,,,your typical cheap oil filter and o-ring. 78 more words

Cheap BOE TCG Mounts for Sale | Wants to create one immediately

World of Warcraft: Legion, the latest expansion pack for the long-running MMORPG, is scheduled to release at the end of the month. In preparation, Blizzard released a pre-launch patch that gave players access to their newest class: Demon Hunters. 400 more words


Twenty seven hours in Praha 

If you ever find yourself in the popular destination of Prague, with too many things too do and not much time OR you want to mentally travel to another land as I paint you a picture of an average day in a above average city… Read on… 248 more words


Crystal parrot t-shirt 

Omg so i was just browsing on some random websites and then i remember i blogged about this website fizzytees.com a while ago ,so i just went on there and found this awesome crystal parrot t-shirt .I really like this as it is an amazing price at £8.99 and super eye catchy the quality is amazing and so is the design i really reccomend this site not only for… 9 more words


Uber is quietly testing flat fares that make it almost as cheap as a bus

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Uber is experimenting with new pricing  that lets passengers pre-purchase rides in its cars at a flat, pre-set price.

The way Uber’s pricing works now depends on time and distance traveled plus surge pricing, a multiple added to the ride during high-demand. 353 more words