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Since admitting I cheated on someone, I had a few, let’s say, not nice comments. Now I honestly don’t mind, people have a right to say what they feel. 470 more words

Cheating T(w)(o)o

My third and fourth time cheating both occurred in the same weekend… Because, I guess, when you mess up multiple times, it’s best to do so in short order. 1,022 more words


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“Love is blind, and it will take over your mind. What you think is love, is truly not you need to elevate and find.” – Eve…

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Up until this point if anyone ever asked me if I had cheated I would respond with a long winded “yea, but … ” excuse. I HATE cheating, to the point that I guess I’ve avoided admitting that I have done so myself. 975 more words


My Mother

…and they heard me murmur…

      “I’m kind of missin’ my mom today!”

My mother was beautiful.  Inside and out.  Being the seventh of nine children she had three older sisters to look up to and compete with and three older brothers duck and hide and to fuss with.  1,294 more words

Because Someone Needs To Say Something!

Familiar Faces

I first joined Tinder and Bumble two years ago about a month after my four-year relationship ended. After four years I finally realized I deserved better than what I was getting out of that relationship and after a month-long break, I realized that nothing was going to change so I let him know that he could stay in our apartment while he figured out what he was going to do but he and I would not be getting back together. 1,110 more words