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All of your lies!

I still cant believe it happened to me.Nauzubillah.I am NEVER gonna be a homewrecker!Never will i be one in my life!

Thanks Jerk for lying to me all this while.While you were with me,you looked as normal as any single guy would be.I didnt expect you to lie to me about your status.Thank you for returning the stuff to me.At least you showed to me you are a guilty freak.I have deleted all of our photos too.How could you TWO TIMING your current wife just to be with me!Just to be intimate with me.Thank God i did not fall into your… 605 more words

This is like torture.

So last night I went out with a big group of friends, and he was there. I turned up late, (always do, it’s just a rule I have), and walked into the bar where they all were and he was just looking at me. 579 more words



Reading the scornedwifeblog, and her crazypants ex husband pretending to be a group of users.  He bullies her for her thoughts and private blog and makes it sound like she is the wrong person, even though he cheated, broke their marriage, and refuses to finalize the divorce.   281 more words


Curiosity did not kill the cat

Like I mentioned on a previous post, I always wanted to know why people cheat. So, I went ahead and asked people I had never asked before. 802 more words


Cheaters Never Prosper

We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again… Cheaters never prosper.. Cheaters never win.. We all know that, but I’d be hard pressed to find someone who has never cheated in some capacity before, whether it be in school, in a relationship, or in my case… on a diet. 916 more words


On the path to finding love

Sorry for the hiatus but I’m back for goood. I went for a little vacation and it helped me clear out my head and trying to see what should be the next steps in my life. 473 more words


Well... not so fast

The understanding wife part may have been a bit premature.  She came home from dinner with a friend last night with a very new and surprising attitude.  109 more words