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How to know if your Boyfriend is cheating on you?

Girls, are you stuck between your thoughts? But perhaps you don’t want to accuse him until you don’t have any proof of an affair. While self improvement through physical fitness and grooming are healthy life choices, consider if he is trying to improve his physical appearance for someone else. 390 more words


The Ginger Brit Boy

As I said this one deserves a post dedicated to him. Though he deserves nothing from me, our story taught me a valuable lesson: NEVER TRUST A GINGER. 1,337 more words


Cheater Boyfriend Shames Himself In Public For Girlfriend To Forgive Him! [VIDEO]

A man who cheated on his girlfriend went out in public to shame himself and have strangers throw eggs at him and humiliate him in the hopes of his girlfriend forgiving him! 94 more words



I don’t really feel I’m getting much out of the therapeutic relationship with my current shrink anymore.. So I decided to give betterhelp.com a try.. It’s a site that connects you to therapists online so you can communicate with them via e-mail.. 177 more words

How could you marry a Psychopath?

It’s not as hard as you imagine.  Psychopathic behavior is characterized by deception… Using others to get what you want. I always thought of a psychopath as a murderer or complete crazy person, American Psycho comes to mind of what that means to me, not the quiet collected manipulation I experienced from my ex-husband. 1,116 more words


Horse shit

This is horse shit…

So I got my green card last month (yay). But that’s about the only good thing that’s happened since then. Ever since I told Mr. 1,073 more words

I cheated, but not the way you think. 

I cheated.

Yep. I did, but not the way you think. Actually, it was worse. And, it prolonged our relationship.

I am an emotional cheater. … 563 more words