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To Live: First Kiss

To live (verb): To be feel free within ones own conscience state that you find contentment.

Today, I lived! I felt alive! It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. 969 more words

don't turn blind eyes to deceit,lie and betrayal

thank you for reading our story and share yours,always.

we are sharing story with many evidence but we will not show video and explicit pictures in this website. 328 more words

David Devlin In Bozeman Is A Cheater

david devlin bozeman cheater

we will not disclose his video or sound  that he sent women in this website for now.

David Devlin In Bozeman Is A Cheater

Somethin' Bad

“Tap, Tap…Is this thing on?” Crazy Kelly grabs the mic. ” Testing, testing? One, two, three?”

“How the Hell did you get out?” Just Kelly starts running toward the stage in her mind.”I doubled checked the locks yesterday?!?!” 859 more words

Blind Item: No Tell Motel

This Real House Husband has a lot of legitimate business out-of-town.  He always stays at the same hotel. Sometimes his wife is there and sometimes she isn’t. 147 more words


Royal Blood

JANUARY 30, 2014

It’s not the first time I have thought or been told that I was born into the wrong era. Nowadays if you have a love for sex and want to turn your passion into a career there are not very many respectable options. 253 more words