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So I didn’t get to file Monday like I planned, I did turn in my packet but my attorney can’t begin working on my case until he’s got some funds. 1,543 more words

hi my name is kate and i like to fuck other peoples boyfriends!!!

My Guard Down

I lay my head
on it’s pillow.
I dream of it at night.
It always tries to comfort me,
In it’s arms it holds me tight. 83 more words


16 & Pregnant

This is not a story I had looked forward to telling, I try not to think about it. So, I’m going to give a shorter version of the story. 2,238 more words


Oops, I Did It Again!

Jay and I moved away from our hometown, in hopes that a) he could find a job that he wasn’t above doing so I wasn’t supporting us both while going through school… 905 more words


Dispatches from 3:10 a.m.

This past morning, I was number two in line for STD testing at my local county health department. I sat in what has to be the most depressing place on earth while a video about a woman getting tested after her “steady” boyfriend discovered a sore on his penis ran on replay. 703 more words