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Is this really happening?

Oh where to begin? A few weeks ago my life was changed forever. Admittedly, I have not had my best year ever – but I thought my marriage was still in-tact. 115 more words


Cheating Wife Caught By Fans At A Baseball Game

You never know what will happen at a baseball game. You could catch a fly ball, or you could catch a woman who is apparently cheating on her husband. 340 more words


busted !

Today I cheated on my coffee guy and got caught.  #awkward

So here goes. It was the first day back at uni, and im sure we can all relate and say, well who can be bothered to go in the first week for 1 lecture. 173 more words

No, No Ma'am

I can be a great friend. Even though I can be a great friend, but I have my limits.

You can’t tell the world you’re husband is an asshole, with only giving them half of the story. 810 more words

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The Blindness of Assholes

A couple of months ago we took a family trip to our favorite spot. The place where all of the important things in our life together happened. 734 more words

To Stay Or To Go

Someone Call the Ghostbusters

So last night I was contacted by my emotionally and verbally abusive ex. For some reason I answered one of the many calls and responded to his messages. 249 more words


This might be your story...

This feeling – It comes out of nowhere, sudden but almost expected. You take it and you run with it. It feels better than you thought it would. 758 more words