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From a gig to a gag

Well, the joke’s on me! I got duped from trying out a freelance gig to explore my potential in content writing.  It was a week’s worth of trial and see if it is something for me. 271 more words



So, your partner cheated on you. Man, you must be lacking in so many departments!

These are the cultural assumptions made.

So, when you have been cheated on, why the hell would you do it to another person, knowing the hell it creates, the trauma, the self doubt, and how it cuts off the most confident person at the knees, some of the rest of us at the neck? 448 more words


Jessica M Wilkes - No Part Time Men 😏 I Need Too Much Attention😂🤗 (original).mp3 - SoundCloud

Listen to Jessica M Wilkes – No Part Time Men 😏 I Need Too Much Attention😂🤗 (original).mp3 by Momma Rapper #np on #SoundCloud

And I mean this every fiber in my soul. 77 more words

Dating in 2018

At the beginning of this year, I had couple prospects for dating.

There was this person I saw on “People You May Know” on Facebook. He had beautiful blue eyes and perfect teeth, 17 mutual friends. 819 more words

Running Game? You thought! My Relationship Revenge

Running Game

Ever had someone who you were with that thought they were running game?  But you had already known – and in fact were running game every since you had found out? 294 more words

The Many Men and Why Women Think They Are All the Same

Partly because most are the same, just in different ways.

Let me explain this.

I don’t believe this is just for women either. I’ve come to know that men often feel these same feelings, that trust is now a thing of the past. 330 more words