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When You Switch From Dating A Cheater To Dating Someone Loyal AF

When you switch from dating a cheater to dating someone loyal AF, there is a bigger adjustment period than you would think.

Everything you learned in your last relationship you have to… 496 more words


Cheaters Are Good At Giving Apologies

Cheaters are good at making you feel sorry for them. They can twist any situation in order to make themselves sound like the victim. They can turn on the waterworks. 489 more words


The Many Men and Why Women Think They Are All the Same

Partly because most are the same, just in different ways.

Let me explain this.

I don’t believe this is just for women either. I’ve come to know that men often feel these same feelings, that trust is now a thing of the past. 331 more words

the Heartbroken Boy


Ep.85 | Relationship Theory: the Heartbroken Boy

On this episode, Osaze speaks of the necessity of knowing that there’s life and love after heartbreak….


May 13th, 2019 1:00 am est

I can’t sleep…again. I have a lot on my mind right now. My husband (soon to be ex) turned off my cell phone today because I wouldn’t send him my kid’s cell phones. 319 more words

Cheaters! It Could Happen To You...

Don’t Think You May Be The Victim Of A Cheating Partner?

Everyone thinks about about it, no one will admit they do. Everybody does have concerns about a partner that may be cheating. 366 more words

Private Investigator

Yeah I Cheated

So here it goes all about my cheating where to start why not the first time.

Like I said before I honestly can’t blame Randy for me cheating I didn’t have to follow him and do him the way he did me but I did so here it goes. 1,156 more words