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Should You Keep a Cheater?

If you find out your significant other has cheated, should you keep them? Here you are, you’ve just gotten comfortable with someone. You’ve gotten them “trained”, so to speak. 274 more words


As You Lay Dying

How many dark spots do you have,

Lizards and crocodile scream

to see you knitting lips on lips.

Papers mock your hubris hands

Ruffles and hibernation… 77 more words


Cheaters. Liars. Troublemakers.

“I’m standing on my own again.

I’m crying while you’re gone, again.

I survey the room that you’ve left me in.

It is no longer ours, and now I see signs that it never was. 807 more words


People my age no longer have morals...

     Every so after I catch myself drifting into space thinking about society and just how horrible my generation is (born in the 90s..early 90s). Why do people fuck around on their partners? 922 more words

Latest Chinese government crackdown focuses on... PUBG?

A recent report from Bloomberg News has revealed that Tencent, one of the distributors of the incredibly popular Battle Royale game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, have managed to enlist the assistance of Chinese police in their war against cheaters. 375 more words


How Much Do You Spy On Your Significant Other?

A new survey has found that 37 percent of Millennials admitted to spying on their partner’s texts and social media once a week, with 25 percent of people between the ages of 35 to 54 admitting the same. 42 more words



The deer

She flicked her ears

Twitched her tail

Jerked her head up

Looked back and forth

Back and forth again.

Lowered to the grass… 206 more words