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No Shame in Their Game... Apparently

What’s done is done. Now we need to move on.

That’s a load.

You can’t clean up if there is no culpability and just blatant lies on top of lies. 554 more words


The miserable world of mules and bandits

It seems that when training for a marathon, in addition to navigating the running community’s over-enthusiasm for a) running; and b) acronyms; one must also sacrifice every aspect of time previously regarded to as ‘free’. 839 more words

London Marathon

The Audacity ... When Cheaters get offended

So last night around midnight I get a call. It’s one of my home girls. We don’t talk often, but its been A1D1 since 6th grade. 1,039 more words

#5 Strake

As I was gluing in the #5 Strake, I realized that I would have to force it up into the #4 Strake above it with a clamp. 115 more words

HMS Surprise

Her Story Pt One

I was a single mother of two girls when I reconnected with my old friend Shawn. I knew Shawn because he and my best friend Tiffany dated while we were teenagers. 1,105 more words

Domestic Violence

When it's not good enough

We ain’t stupid we know when a person is not our Ally, we can feel the distance that is wedged between once lovers.

But humans love to pretend everything is okay they ignore the pain that they give to others I’m going about their day. 144 more words


How to get back at a cheating human

I don’t know if it matters or not but when a person offends me male or female I don’t take it out on them physically I just day dream which is legal in all states. 1,715 more words